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DWM.exe glitchy after resuming from sleep

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OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)

Whenever I return the computer from sleep I get these weird glitches in the graphical interface of all of my open Windows. It's like little blocks out of them are missing. But then when I hover the mouse over them or move the window they go back to normal. It's very random when these missing blocks appear.

These glitches appear on any window I have open, even if I close and re-open an application the blocks will still affect it.

The only thing that keeps these blocks from re-appearing is when I End Process on DWM.exe from Task Manager. Since DWM.exe is programmed to automatically restart after it's closed it comes back up, but the blocks don't appear until I sleep the computer again.

So my thinking is that for some reason when I sleep my computer it is corrupting DWM.exe, but I have no idea why nor how to fix it. Any help is much appreciated!

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Sound like a memory problem. You could add more ram or disable DWM in start up. See below:

The dvm.exe file is the Microsoft Windows Desktop Windows Manager which helps manage the visual effects found in Windows Vista and Windows 7

As more program windows are opened the memory of this process will increase sometimes using several megabytes. This is normal behavior.

If you're trying to maximize the performance of your computer, or concerned about how much memory this process is using, first disable Windows Aero to see if this has any effect. If you want to disable dwm.exe then 1.Click Start and type services 2 click the Services link. 3.In the Services Window double-click Desktop Windows Manager. 4.In the Desktop Windows Manager window click Stop to disable the service or to stop it in startup change the Startup from Automatic to Disabled.

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