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  1. We have automatic transfer switches. They switch power to a secondary ups if the primary ups fails and back again when primary ups is restored. You could have your surge protector as the primary power source and the ups as the secondary. That way when the ups is turned on and the surge protector power fails it will switch to the ups. Then back to the surge protector when you turn off the ups. They are expensive though around £400, so more expensive than changing ups batteries. Also using one to switch between your surge protector and a ups that is turned off most of the time defeats the pur
  2. Retail copies of office normally contain both bit versions but depending on where your download came from, it might just have the 64 bit version. Try this link and enter your product key to see if you can download the 32 bit version. https://officesetup.getmicrosoftkey.com Additionally You can also download a full retail image copy of Office 2013 professional from the link below. It’s from an official download channel so it’s completely safe, legal and virus free. I just checked and it’s got both the 32 and 64 bit version on it. You just need to download it and use your retail produc
  3. If it's not compatible there's no way to change that so if you need to send emails from within PSE 12 then the only option I see is to replace the 64 bit office with a downloaded copy of the 32 bit version. Your product key should work for both the 64 and 32 bit versions. If you have IMAP email then the 32 bit version will re sync with all your email no problem. If you have pop3 email you will need to save the data file and point the 32 bit version of outlook to it. If you have ribbon customisations you can save them to transfer to the 32 bit version. Or you could just right click the
  4. You can use 32 and 64 bit office with 64 bit windows. People often have 32 bit office installed on a 64 bit operating system as 64 bit office has compatibility issues with some software and add ons. To check which one you have, open Outlook and go to File > "Office Account" > "About Outlook" If it's 64 bit then that will be why it's not working with PSE.
  5. Right click the tile and choose "unpin from start". They are just shortcuts so there is nothing else to remove.
  6. Looks like PSE12 is only compatible with the 32 bit version of office. Do you have the 32 or 64 bit version of office Outlook.
  7. Can’t see this in Photoshop but in Fireworks under File > HTML Setup > Table Tab, there are options for “Nested tables, no spacers” and “Single table, no spacers”. Not used them myself but it sounds like what you need.
  8. Nice one,I should have mentioned the instalation disc in my answer. Glad you got it sorted.
  9. There isn’t a completely straightforward way to monitor multiple devices on the network. Depending on your router you might be able to install toastman tomato firmware which allows monitoring individual device traffic by IP address. I’ve done it with one of my routers with very little prior knowledge. My starting point was simply to Google “toastman tomato asus rt-n66u” From there I found a forum which contained links to the required software and all the information I needed. If you can get hold of an old router then I would try it on that first because the process can brick the device if
  10. If Ubuntu is on a separate HDD then to remove it you just need to disconnect the drive. Then to make your PC boot into widows again you need to use the recovery console to restore the Master Boot Record. You can do this from the F8 menu whilst booting the PC or if that won't work you can use a recovery disc. If you don't have such a disc then get a mate with a windows PC to make one for you. From the recovery console type BOOTREC /FIXMBR then press enter. Additional info from Eckiethump: If you have the original instalation disc you can use that instead of a recovery disc.
  11. Hi Bullet, I had one of my machines with a very similar problem a couple of weeks ago. I solved it by booting into safe mode and starting the machine from the last known good configuration. To do this you need to turn the computer on then immediately press F8 before the Windows logo appears. This displays a menu of start-up options. Use the arrow keys to highlight “Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced)” then press Enter. This should load Windows 7 by ignoring the current damaged configuration and replacing it with one that works. There’s also no risk of you damaging your computer with
  12. The logmein service and Polkcast are not entirely local. The data is transferred between your PC and iPhone via the logmein or Polkcast servers so if you have no internet access then neither of these services will work. I think the BDrive service also works in the same way however I have never used it. VLC streamer I've used once and it can work localy over wifi without an internet connection so not sure why this didn't work. Maybe your router assigned a different IP address to your computer but that's just a guess. Bottom line, you are right, if it's entirely local to the home it doesn't
  13. Chromecast is just Googles version of Roku and neither of these devices give free internet access. Unless there is some extra content or additional channels on Chromecast then your parents would be just replicating what they already have. Kind of like having 2 Netflix apps on your phone. As for other devices that do a similar thing, in the UK there has recently launched a product called the now box which sells for just £9.99 which is very similar to Roku and Chromecast I expect others will follow.
  14. When you say IP I presume you are talking about an internet service provider or ISP. Most people setting up a home wifi network would have an internet connection through an ISP but it's not actually required. If you have a wireless router but no internet connection you can still connect all your PCs, printers, phones etc to it, just select your network name and enter the wireless password on each device you want to connect. You just won't be able to access the internet. You will also need an app to facilitate file transfers between your iPhone and PC if that's what you want to do. There ar
  15. @Brackula I have deleted your last comment for the following reasons. It added no value whatsoever to the question or the site. It was personally offensive towards me, telling me I should learn to read. If you have something constructive or helpful to say then by all means post it on here. If you just want to behave like a troll then go somewhere else.
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