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  1. I have MS Office Software that I would like to install on my sons notebook, but he has no CD/DVD rom. Is there a way to install it on his computer from mine?
  2. I replaced my router and changed the SSID so its the same as my old router used. It works fine apart from its recognised as a separate network and Windows 7 puts a 2 at the end. The problem with this is my home printer is not selected automatically anymore on my home network. It defaults to my work printer at work and stays on the work printer all the time.I tried deleting the network and setting it up again but it still puts a 2 on the end. I am guessing I have to delete the old network SSID the one without a 2 then rename the new network to remove the 2 but I don’t know how to do this. Can anyone help?
  3. Hi, This is pradip.I have been using pc with last 1 year, i have lcd monitor, now display colour is blurry and high brightnessi tried with another lcd with same cpu but still i have problem, my operating system is windows 7, i also tried with monitor setting. but still nothing cant happen. please help me Thanking youPradip Email- badjate.technical@gmail.com
  4. My Win 7 desktop will not correctly display gif files in Word 2010. The file looks normal on my XP laptop (and everyone else's computer), but on the desktop computer a gif of a math equation in Word becomes white text in maybe Signboard font on a black background, sometimes readable, usually not. The problem isn't consistent either. One equation may be weird and the next is normal. I might also note that on some documents the line spacing looks all out of whack, but it's normal on other computers. I've un-installed, re-installed, and updated my Office 10 and updated Windows 7....I am at my wits end!
  5. I have an exe file (compiled from a basic program) that is compatible with 32-bit windows operating system but not compatible with 64 bit windows-7 operating system. How do I go about convertiing it work on my windows -7 laptop computer?' Or how can I make my existing program work on windows-7? Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) Whenever I return the computer from sleep I get these weird glitches in the graphical interface of all of my open Windows. It's like little blocks out of them are missing. But then when I hover the mouse over them or move the window they go back to normal. It's very random when these missing blocks appear. These glitches appear on any window I have open, even if I close and re-open an application the blocks will still affect it. The only thing that keeps these blocks from re-appearing is when I End Process on DWM.exe from Task Manager. Since DWM.exe is programmed to automatically restart after it's closed it comes back up, but the blocks don't appear until I sleep the computer again. So my thinking is that for some reason when I sleep my computer it is corrupting DWM.exe, but I have no idea why nor how to fix it. Any help is much appreciated!
  7. Question from a groovy reader: Hi Austin, I read your web page on backp/restore using M.S. backup as provided. I have this BIG doubt, though: If my Windows 7 does not boot due to failure or whatever, and I do have the backup image in a USB hard disk, how do I RESTORE the image back? Up to Windows XP I have been using Acronis, and that software can boot itself from a CD, so even one can restore to a new hard-disk. I have not bot Acronis because I read it has issues, possibly due to changes in Windows 7, so naturally I would like to use Microsoft backup, but am holding on answer to my questions. I hope you can afford some brief help just to avoid surprises. Thanks!
  8. Keep getting a message "Failure Configuring Windows Update" Reverting Changes then shuts down, after several attempts I finally get signed on.
  9. Question from Readers: Hi groovyPost, How do I copy files and encrypt/password protect a CD? I'm running Windows 7 X64. Cheers, Chris
  10. Need some help, want to disable the caps lock key in windows. anyway to do so without modifying registry?
  11. When I clicked the install button on the website to install Office 2013 it downloaded an installer. When I run the installer it gives me an error that says: We found a problem! We're sorry, Office (32-bit) couldn't be installed because you have these 64-bit Office programs installed on your computer: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Microsoft Office 32-bit Components 2010 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office programs don't get a long, so you can only have one type installed at a time. Please try installing the 64-bit version of Office instead, or uninstall your other 64-bit Office programs and try this installation again. Here's a screenshot of it: How do I fix this? What can I do? I tried redownloading it but I couldn't install Office it just kept giving me the same window.
  12. Brian writes, I just got done reading your post regarding backing up the Win 7 System.I did that and also made a disk as well.I have a 500 gig drive that has 60gbfor the Main C drive and the balancefor my D drive. I can separate the Dinto 2 partitions but I need to add 1of those blank partitions onto mySystem partition “C” drive. Now thatI have an image and a disk, how can Ido this? I just can’t expand the Cdrive like I can all the others.drive like I can all the others.
  13. How can you save a win7 sticky note for future use and access?
  14. I am facing a problem....I have only one drive on my laptop and i want to partition it and create a new one. If i use the Disk Management to create a new partition from the existing one, it will effect my windows installation? or should i just reformat my computer and create 2 partitions. Tell me an easy solution to this problem as i dont want to format my pc as i have too much data in it and copying it would be a pain. -Hammad
  15. how to convert mouse to lefthand- on window7 version?
  16. Ray writes: "Hello Austin, I read your article concerning search engines that don’t record your address when browsing the internet. My question to you is if you are using Windows Explorer 9 browser does it send info back to Microsoft or anyone else when using one of the search engines i.e. Duck Duck Go or Startpage which would negate the whole purpose of those engines. Reason I’m asking is I don’t trust the system and don’t fully understand OS Windows 7 well enough to make the call for myself. Would you please explain? Thanks, Ray"
  17. how to STOP the automatic download of background images using RSS feed?
  18. I have problem for " Check the drive for error Command " from the property dilog box of the drive, Tool tab selected, then by clicking the Check disk for error, message popups drive in use. It will check on next boot time, by clicking OK, and then i reboot however it doesn't check the drive and when it reboots it says the check has been cancelled. Thanks
  19. Hello, Address auto complete in MS Outlook does not work in Windows 7 Home (64). Outlook remembers addresses for the current session, however does not auto compete once the session is closed and a new one started. I have tried Options, advanced email options and checking box to remember addresses. Please help.
  20. Hello, I turn on my computer (windows 7 64bit)and everything loads up fine. I click on a icon, cursor goes around and then nothing. Restarting the PC and sometimes it works OK. Other times turn off completely w/full reboot, turn on and sometimes I'm OK. Sometimes it takes usually 2-3 times however today I was OK the after the first restart. I feel a reintall coming on unless anyone can help?? Dave
  21. Help - I have a new HP Windows 7 Pro 64 bit PC - trying to change user account passwords - have checked all of the security policy and user settings - all are good - when attempting to change the password - the PC chugs for a few minutes then gives me the "did not meet requirements etc" I have tried a password that meets the criteria - still doesn't work - help!
  22. I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on my computer. When I click on the Start Icon to search my computer for a specific item (Example: family birthday file) a complete listing of files relating to my search appears. After I select the file I am looking for only to find out it is not the correct one I attempt to return to the same list but it is no longer shown. I must retype my search item (Example: family birthday file) in the search field again to regain access to the file listings??? Is there a way to keep the original search data constant instead of having to start at step one every time to search for the same file??? This is such a waste of time. Yes I can cut and paste my original request so that I just paste each time I must continue with the same search for the correct file to show, but there must be a simpler way to save the original request until I no longer need it.Thank you for your helpKarl
  23. Asim recently wrote me this email: ...Our company has a VPN that we loginto, I have a macbook pro machine andi have installed Windows 7 as a guestusing vm virtual box in this syste. Iam wondering, can we creat a vpnconnection on guest OS Windsows 7? I'm overwhelmed by the network optionsavailable and was hoping you couldprovide some direction...
  24. My computer crashed and I tried to do a clean install of Windows 7. But, my ID number does not work so now I could not register because I was using a Windows 7 Upgrade disk. I tried using an upgrade process mentioned in one article, but that did not work. Do you have a workaround? Or will I have to install Windows XP?
  25. I recently had the dreaded Windows Security Virus and it crashed my hard drive - apparently my drive was getting old and breaking down anyways so I got a new hard drive and had someone install Windows 7 from XP and move everything over. However - all that's there under "Old Files" are links to Web sites I frequented - NONE of my old files, pictures or E-mails can be found. Or at least I can't find them... Is there hope? Is there some secret place Windows 7 is hiding these files??? Thanks!
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