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  1. Hi @Beckylouwho - Is this all happening inside Windows Explorer? Have you played around with the View Tab? Perhaps set it to Large Icons, extra large icons etc...?
  2. When addiction is involved with no support from family/friends, my experience is that it's just a matter of time... sad story but not a surprise.
  3. 3x earnings is typical however, it all depends on annual growth. Are you growing or shrinking?
  4. What exactly are you trying to do? Are you getting this error on your mobile or on a website? Have you gone to iCloud.com and tried to login? Any error messages?
  5. FWIW, I just had a conversation via chat with Amazon. They wouldn't give me a price change refund however, they instead told me to return the item and just repurchase it at the lower price. I have to say, it's a hassle but $22 is $22....
  6. What is it telling you? Any error messages? Can you see that it's linked in the Echo App?
  7. I own way way too many.... I see a name and I buy it. (sigh)....
  8. Sounds like a hardware issue. Go into command line and do an IP config and see where you're getting an IP from. The Wireless Switch or the Cable Modem. From there you will know if the issue is with the Wireless unit or the modem itself. Sounds like an issue between the Cable Modem and the Wireless Switch.
  9. 1 - Did this ever work? If yes, what changed?2 - When you say Router, do you mean Wireless Router? Are you trying to connect through the Router using Wireless?3 - If wireless, I assume you can connect wirelessly to your router but then no internet right? Sorry - I need more information (as do all of us trying to help you) before we can help you. Thanks! -Shocker
  10. All you need to do is search for your .PST file in our outlook profile folder and copy it over to your new PC and re-import it.
  11. You need to go into firefox and make it your default browser. Once you do that it will open in Firefox.
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