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  4. If you have backup .bkf file created using ntbackup.exe but you cannot access this file in windows 10 machine due to some error, then instantly go with third party tool -
  5. Homeless man turned famous

    What a change that this man had! This is, in fact, a motivational story which says life after failure. Thanks for sharing, it is really inspirational.
  6. Disable Ad Block Plus on gP on Chrome and Firefox

    Yes, I'm enjoying it. I would like to suggest Ad Block Plus to everyone who needs to block ads while surfing the internet. It is a great product and I hope you will definitely love it.
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  8. My Introduction

    My name is Thresa:) I'm a student of the junior year. I have to write a lot of essay papers, so I decided to find the best writing experts. I read many articles. Some of the tips helped me to choose reliable writing assistance. At the begin, I've faced with difficult to find the best essay or dissertation crafting program and lastly, I received a good option in my demands seeing writing essays service. They solved the problem together with good quality composing, and lastly by continuing to keep our all the other needs achieved. I personally thought about numerous web sites and also in order to fairly unexpected that the majority of on the solutions established just to mess up pupils foreseeable future. I'd like to advise every body to create more than enough analysis before you decide just about any crafting service to buy your current newspaper. They've already pretty expert lecturer to publish papers. I am seriously impressed with all the essay writing program.
  9. PNG files turn solid black

    My files used to have the proper backgrounds, was this caused by some update from Microsoft? The thumbnails are black and when I click on the graphic it opens up solid black. I cannot use these files if I cannot see what they are! I use an alternate program to view them, but it takes a long time to keep opening each graphic to find the one I want in another program. How do I get my white backgrounds back on the thumbnails, and the transparent background back with other programs? I have way too many graphics I use to be opening each and every one in a separate program! Why has this changed and how do I get it to change back?
  10. When it comes to mobile application development, there are a number of opportunities and varied options for the mobile app developers to choose from. On the other hand, it is not just about choosing to develop a native or cross platform mobile app as both of the domains are high in demand, what matters the most is how well you target the global segment of mobile app users. Native mobile application development brings the most desired results and outputs while helping developers to attain a specific level of performance that they plan to deliver to the end users. A team of iPhone app developers in Singapore considers making the most out of this investment by critically analyzing and measuring to total return on investment as a key element in the overall success of mobile apps. Moreover, it is wisely said to take good care and balance between the various operational and development costs prior to starting the project.
  11. Expanding a HD drive

    Heya @theo - Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. What I was going to suggest merging partitions together vs. going down the storage spaces route. We talked about the free tool which can do this here: The app is called EaseUS - here is a link to the free edition which allows you to Merge partitions. Hope that helps Theo! BTW: Welcome to the forum!
  12. I wanted to get wifi password of my office

    Hey there. To be clear, your computer is connected to WIFI at work and you are trying to figure out what that WIFI password is? Have you tried asking the Network team at work for the WIFI password? I assume they are not too keen on giving it to you?
  13. How to get a Google Music Invite?

    you have to go through activate a Google Play Family account
  14. Article originally published: If you purchased something on Amazon and the price drops within a week of buying it, you can request a refund for the difference. Here's how.
  15. How to open unicode format in outlook 2016

    I beg your pardon, but what exactly are you asking here? If an Outlook user says "Unicode", it means either she/he is talking about the PST file format or the Unicode characters. Are you telling this, "I can't see some of the characters since they are Unicode"? Or this, "the emails are stored in a Unicode PST file"? Look dear, Outlook 2003 and later versions including the latest 2016, use Unicode file format. If you were previously using Outlook 2013, it makes no difference since both support Unicode format. Your question is DAMN confusing. Help us please, so that we help you. Thanks.
  16. Expanding a HD drive

    Got an answer at
  17. Expanding a HD drive

    I wish Steve comes up with some help.
  18. Expanding a HD drive

    I have the hard drive of my Toshiba laptop equally divided into C: and D: Drive C contains all the progs and data. Drive D was used for Backup. But when I created a recovery disk for drive C it asked if I wanted to retain the original backup. I opted for deleting, and it cleaned my Drive D. Now it has no contents with nearly 230 GB space. Could I expand the Drive C taking a part of the space of Drive D? I look forward to a solution that would not affect any existing contents. Theo
  19. self-introduction

    Dear Steve Thank you for your invitation to write to your blog. Your blog has been very useful to me since I came to know it through Andre Costa on Twitter. I am not great computer expert, but have been handling them since early 70s in Pune (India) where I was doing my post-grad studies at the University. I am a history researcher and also contribute as columnist to various dailies in Goa since past decade or so. Computers have been my companions of research, and hence my interest in being computer-friendly! As a founder-director of research institute in Goa, affiliated to Goa University, perhaps I took a pioneer step in providing a digital catalogue of the research library in late 1970s. More on me you may find on Wikipedia by looking for Teotonio R. de Souza or at Teotonio R. de Souza
  20. Hi EXperts, We are working on a middleware which supports Groovy script & requirement is to convert text file to nested XML. Kindly help to code the groovy script. Thanks, Ramu.
  21. Just got prompted to update my softphone/headset software and it reminded me (to remind all of you) that this is a good example of why it's important to keep all the software on your Windows/Mac box fully updated. In my case, the Plantronics Hub software is the brains behind my Headset which I use for all things Audio and Mic on my work Mac including Cisco Jabber or Skype, WebEx, Slack calls and a few other apps. It also updates the firmware on my headset and Plantronics Bluetooth headset. So, it's fairly important. Here are the release notes for the V3.9.4 update.
  22. Hi i wanted to know how to get wifi password of my office computer its windows XP and it's connected with Lan server but i cant find anyway to get wifi password throw that computer Can anyone help ??
  23. Awesome! Glad we could help!
  24. Hi all, I updated my outlook to 2016 recently but now i can't open old emails in unicode format. The email in unicode 2016 i can open them but the old ones ( 2013 ) i can't. I try browse and found the outlook 2016 but no luck. Can someone tell me how can i open the emails in unicode format ( 2013 outlook version ) ? Regards, Alina
  25. Want to split large and heavy .pst files !!

    MS Outlook provides three inbuilt utility that helps users to make the PST file small. 1. Archive Features of Outlook 2. Export or Import PST 3. Move to Folders PS: Suggest you upgrade your Outlook to the latest version.
  26. P.S: I registered here just to say thanks, you saved my work...
  27. Hi Tom, You saved me, Thank you sooo much :-) I had spent 3-4 hours on excel which was opened from outlook and saved, I was struggling to locate this file in every possible folder, searched google and read many user advice in different help forums, none worked, but finally landed here and your advice worked. I opened C:\Users\%username%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook and it was there !!! Thanks again !! Regards, Satish
  28. Hey can anybody help me find a script or a registry key that will uncheck it or disable the file and print sharing on windows 7. I been trying to find a way to do it but i cant find anything that works...
  29. Help! Outlook - Deleted an entire mail group

    I would have never solved this without this article. When a group gets deleted it goes into the deleted item as the date the Group was created and not deleted. Would have never thought of that. Thanks for your help...
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