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  2. Favorite Flash Games

    I like a lot of Flash games. But really my favorite game is happy wheels. It really is a great game.
  3. What are the requirements to run happy wheel games?

    I've played it here. You try it.
  4. The Kinect is overrated crapware.

    Kinect sounds great. I like Kinect
  5. Missing Photos OneDrive on the IPad

    I like you. Thank you Steve!
  6. Google Bubble HTML5 Logo Today

    Well it's really sweet, I saw it.
  7. Should i buy iphone 4S or should i wait for

    Now you should buy the iphone 8. It's great.
  8. Windows 10 upgrade

    Windows 10 is most loved and popular operating systems with a wide range of technical support available. If you are thinking about ( How to get help in windows 10 ) then chat and call services are available.
  9. Best & Worst Games of 2010

    Yes! Personally it is a very good list
  10. What Games Do You Play Right Now?

    I like a lot of games. But special flash games. especially run 3
  11. OST to PST Converter

    OST to PST Converter is excellent software for recover and repair corrupted OST file without facing any problems. With the help of OST to PST converter a non technical person also repair and recover OST file and convert them into PST file and other formats like EML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX and HTML successfully. It well works on all versions of MS Outlook office-365, 2016, 2013 & all lower version. Read more information:
  12. November 1st was a big day at groovyPost. Along with optimizing the site optimizing the site top-to-bottom, we also changed almost every site aspect of the site including our home page. Since then, we've received several comments from our reading including a very important question from our read, Paul Newton: That's a great question, Paul. You can find the latest articles on the home page, on the LEFT sidebar under "Latest Articles". They are sitting under our featured content. See screenshot below. I know the site has a bit more going on than it did previously. Hopefully, this helps you find what you were looking for! Any additional questions, just let me know here or on the site! -Steve
  13. Since the Mail app will offer some autocomplete suggestions on a “recent” or “other” address for you to contact. I guess that those address data should be saved in somewhere in iPhone just like cache files do. Although I’m not sure if these email addresses are coming from some sort of cache, maybe you can still try some ways about how to clear cache on iPhone. Or you can try the following steps to delete unwanted auto complete addresses. Launch the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad > Compose a new email > In the To: field, start typing the first letters of the name or email address you want to remove > You will see a list of email addresses that contain the same string of letters > Tap the little blue “i” icon next to the email address you want to delete > Select “Remove From Recents” at the bottom. Hope this can work.
  14. How about clear your caches?
  15. Want to split large and heavy .pst files !!

    you can split files using splitting software into as many past as you want file splitting softwares
  16. I love the new Focused Inbox feature from Microsoft. However, I'm trying to find the Keyboard Shortcut Key so I can jump through my inbox a bit faster vs. Right-Click > V (Move to Other). If anyone out there finds it, let me know. -Steve
  17. Best and lowest cost wifi provider

    Hi @tlpmap - Welcome to the forum! In most cases, the best service will be based on where you live and which ISP (Internet Service Providers) are available in your area. Comcast for sure is one of the big boys out there and you can usually bundle the service with other services like phone or cable TV to get further discounts. $115 a month sounds a little high to be honest for just Internet Access. If you can get other services like Verizon FIOS, Frontier or Centurylink, you might want to give them a call and ask how much straight internet costs. Also - be sure to call back at least every 6 months and ask if your price is the best price they can offer. This always helps me get a discount.
  18. Homeless man turned famous

    This is not fun, hope he knows what is true. ----------------------------------------------- You can visit me here: My website for download Tell My Luck - Astrology App Apps apk My facebook:
  19. I will be retiring soon and will be on SS. What is the best and cheapest internet/wifi provider. I am currently with Comcast Xfinity at $115 per month for internet/wifi.
  20. Good info. Thnx for sharing.
  21. Want to split large and heavy .pst files !!

    The best way of splitting Outlook PST files is by using third party tool, it's easy and effective, and less time-consuming. But there are some DO IT YOURSELF methods also available. Actually, there are three simple ways to split your Outlook PST file 1. Archive them 2. Import & Export them and 3. Move to Folder There is an article How to Split PST, in this article the both Option has been discussed. I hope this will helps.
  22. PNG files turn solid black

    Hi @Beckylouwho - Is this all happening inside Windows Explorer? Have you played around with the View Tab? Perhaps set it to Large Icons, extra large icons etc...?
  23. Homeless man turned famous

    When addiction is involved with no support from family/friends, my experience is that it's just a matter of time... sad story but not a surprise.
  24. How much is my website worth?

    3x earnings is typical however, it all depends on annual growth. Are you growing or shrinking?
  25. Icloud

    What exactly are you trying to do? Are you getting this error on your mobile or on a website? Have you gone to and tried to login? Any error messages?
  26. FWIW, I just had a conversation via chat with Amazon. They wouldn't give me a price change refund however, they instead told me to return the item and just repurchase it at the lower price. I have to say, it's a hassle but $22 is $22....
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