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  16. In todays world, there is no great answer for avoiding SPAM other than changing your email address daily.... Alternatively, if that doesn't sound like a good plan to you, my next suggestion would be to use an email provider like or Granted, they won't find all the SPAM sent to you but, they will get most of it and you can mark whatever they miss as SPAM to help train the AI to do a better job in the future.
  17. One thing to keep in mind, VPN providers might actually throttle you as well. Something to keep in mind.
  18. I'm nearly 2 years late with this reply, but if it can help anyone else who browse this thread, please go here:
  19. I don't think there is really a way to o that. All I know is gmail now detect those mails and throws them in the spam folder so that you do not see them unless you choose to. If there is a way to do it, I will love to know too.
  20. I think what really matters is where most of your hosting company servers are located. That is why some people check where most of their traffic is coming from and choose hosting companies that have many servers and are quite fast around that region. Although, there are some great hosting companies like SiteGround that generally have FAST servers in most regions.
  21. 3 now, and probably counting.
  22. Negative. Still not possible on Windows. Microsoft Outlook for Mac includes a keyboard shortcut but not the Windows Version of Microsoft Outlook. For now, the best option is "Right-Click + L or V" as mentioned in the first post.
  23. windows 10 is the best
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