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  2. Great information phillip Thanks for sharing lowes
  3. Hi, I would suggest you to try manual method which from this blog which I searched for you. Also, manual method can be cost effective but can only be accomplished if you have a good knowledge of Outlook wizard. You can try to use the tool which worked as a life savior when I was also facing similar issue i.e, Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook. The software specially designed with multiple advanced features like - Add multiple PST files into one. - Removes duplicates and junk folder of PST files. - Capable to merge all data items such as contacts, emails, etc. - Joins password p
  4. I have a group on my email that I move most of my emails into. I have accidentally deleted this group, I thought this may have deleted all the emails to but If I type in an email I am able to find it but have no idea where they are as they have not moved to my inbox? Can anyone help??? Absolute disaster as its about 5 years worth of emails!
  5. Hello, I have seen the blog post from a couple of years ago titled: How to Automate Microsoft Word Forms with Custom Fields and found it useful. I am using the idea to 'auto populate' sales proposals to different people in different organisations. It helps because all the standard items like name, company, date, and headers and footers are all changed. I can then focus on personalising the main content. But it's a bit cumbersome! I was wondering if it is possible to do the same thing but using a form to add all the variables in to and then get the form to populate the Word document.
  6. davionltaylor@0910gmail.com

  7. I wrote it why should I reply? stupid ?
  8. In your article about upgrading to Apple iOS 13 you say that the iPhone 6s Plus is eligible for upgrade then in the next note you listed it’s not eligible for upgrade why can’t you both get something right is it or isn’t in eligible ????
  9. def one = text1.EmployeeDataReplicationConfirmation.EmployeeDataReplicationConfirmation.collect { it.personId.text() } def two = text2.queryCompoundEmployeeResponse.CompoundEmployee.collect { it.person.person_id.text() } def intersect = one.intersect(two) println((one - intersect) + (two - intersect)) In the text 1 and text2 fields are different ids. This command will give me IDs that are the same in both. But he gives them to me like this:[6107, 10140, 11774] But i need it in XML.. like .. <Person> <User> <userid>6107</userid> </User> <Use
  10. Nice post. I found this is an informative and interesting post, so i think it is very useful and knowledgeable. I am glad to read this post hope your next article is are so useful for me so you are meet in next process for more information click this link below :-
  11. Hi @Ron S Sorry if it's not clear. I need to update the site to make it more clear. We've disabled commenting on some of the newer articles we're written about. We have been plagued with an avalanche of SPAM comments and tech support requests -- which is why I've created this forum here. My suggestion is -- create a new Forum post and link to the article and we can have a discussion and answer questions in a more civilized way. The website comment system just isn't very.... modern and is really time consuming to combat the SPAM. Looking for a good solution to that. Sorry for the
  12. Question from reader: Steve, Do you have anything in your library regarding the use "Signal" for messaging on PC, Android, Etc? Hello! We don't have a lot of content on groovyPost regarding this app however, we do have a few articles: https://www.groovypost.com/tags/signal/ You can also search around here: https://www.groovypost.com/search/ Regarding supported devices, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux are all supported - https://www.signal.org/download/ From what I know, you can setup Signal on your mobile phone, setup an a
  13. Several times I've tried to comment on articles with no luck. Today it was in : https://www.groovypost.com/howto/use-filters-in-microsoft-excel-to-find-data-faster/#respond I tried in both FireFox 84.0.2 and Edge. When I click on the comments button, nothing happens. No comments are displayed, on the #respond is added to the link.
  14. I found this MS documentation for Scripts. Currently it only appears to be for Excel online ... Office Scripts documentation - Office Scripts | Microsoft Docs But you should be able to play with it there. That being said, when I tried to find it, I did not see the "Automate" tab them mention ... <sigh>
  15. Hope to connect to my fellow Parlers participant for honest exchange of informations.
  16. How to Change Size of Desktop Icons: Right-Click the Windows Desktop Hover over View > and select from Small, Medium or Large Icons That should do it for ya.
  17. I assume you did all the standard stuff - reboot etc...?
  18. When I had issues with my system, it was a problem with my Bluetooth receiver. It was external to the system (you screwed it onto plugs on the back of the motherboard). It's an antenna I guess you could say. The problem was the same as you describe, it sounded "out of range". The fact that you moved your BT400 receive to another box and it worked just fine.... kinda kills the idea that it's the receiver. The next thing I would check is a different USB port. Perhaps there is some damage on the USB port. Have you tried to move the BT400 receiver to a different port?
  19. Hi @Crazichic - Can you explain a little better what you mean by "virtual to logon a loptop"? Not sure I follow you.
  20. Can somebody tell me just how easy or hard for a new internet user to use virtual to log on a laptop , cheers
  21. I am having real problems downloading and installing the latest update to Windows 10 I have windows 10 2004 64bit I keep getting the following error message and seem to be unable to do anything about it "There were problems downloading some updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this, try searching the web or contacting support for help. This error code might help: (0x80070002)" Please can anyone help?
  22. Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition 64bit - Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.572) Above is the current build of my OS. A few weeks ago I started having a stutter in the audio of my Skullcandy Hesh2 bluetooth headphones. These headphones have worked for years just fine until just a couple weeks ago. Since then I have been down every rabbit hole that I can find online, trying to figure out WHY my headphones now have a stutter in the audio. They sound like they are out of range even if I have my headphones six inches away from the receiver. I have disabled telephony, disabled the MIC in audio sett
  23. Hi @AndreiT, I don't have an ASUS laptop however, on my Lenovo, using it's power savings software, you're able to put the battery into a mode which extends its life. When it does this, the battery will only charge up to 70-80% capacity. Many say this is a good thing as it prevents problems if your lithium battery remains at 100% indefinitely. So, my suggestion is to take a look at the ASUS power savings settings. You likely enabled a "Battery Saver" feature or something similar to this. Turn that off and it should charge to 100% again.
  24. Dear All, I am using a ASUS laptop that used to charge the battery until reaching 100%. However, in my endeavour of optimizing the laptop for potential longer periods without a power supply, I have managed to perform a magic action that no longer allows me to charge the battery to 100%, but it only charges to a maximum of 80% (while the icon states the unit is plugged in - but not charging) I am running an updated Windows 10 OS, and I have verified all the options in the battery settings / the settings of the Power mode (irrespective of the plan, the same issue remains). Please
  25. HI, Normally you don't want to interrupt your system when it's restarting however, anything more than 15-20 minutes normally means something is wrong. You should hard restart your PC by holding down the power button until the computer turns off. Restart the computer after and you should be fine.
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