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LCD monitor display with bluryy coloured

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This is pradip.I have been using pc with last 1 year, i have lcd monitor, now display colour is blurry and high brightnessi tried with another lcd with same cpu but still i have problem,

my operating system is windows 7, i also tried with monitor setting. but still nothing cant happen.

please help me

Thanking youPradip Email- badjate.technical@gmail.com

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Try two things:

1) Check to see if there are updated drivers for your video card. Go to your video card’s home page and search under the support for your video card model number, download it, and then install it.

2) Go to the website that manufacturers the monitor you are using. Some monitors also have drivers that enable it to have better clarity. Once again download the latest drivers for the model of your monitor and install it.

If neither of these work it is possible that the monitor cable is bad, but that is unlikely, which you can try to replace (if possible). As you already tried, you can try another monitor to see if it is a bad monitor, but make sure you download the new drivers for the new monitor as well. The last thing I would try is to format your computer, reinstall the OS and whatever else. If the monitor is still bad then you have a bad video card and it needs to be replaced. Not all video cards can be replaced anymore, since cheaper motherboards have the video card built right in the motherboard.

If this helps at all, please vote it up.

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