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Jim Atwater

Long lat metadata ON Photo on the iPhone


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I'm pretty sure the built-in camera app does that by default. Are you looking for an additional app as well? My favorite paid app for photography on the iPhone is Camera+.


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Yep that’s right the built in camera app does embed longitude and latitude data but you need a separate app to actually read it.

I have “Koredoko – Exif and GPS viewer” on my phone.

It displays a long list of embedded data including the longitude and latitude and even the direction of the image. It also shows the location on a map.

You can scroll through a list of your pictures with the longitude, latitude, date & time displayed at the side (screenshot 1).

Tap the blue arrow to view all the other embedded data for that particular picture (Screenshot 2) the list of embedded data is about 3 screens long on my iPhone 5.

You can also tap the picture to view the location on a map.

Im sure there are other apps that do the same but this one is good and free.

alt text

alt text

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