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  1. Simon H's post in Facebook template was marked as the answer   
    Ok I only have the full version but I am sure this works in elements.
    Open the template file and the image in elements. Click on the image and press ctrl + a to select it then ctrl + c to copy it. Click on the template and press ctrl + v to copy the image onto the template. The copied image will be added as a new layer on the template. When you look in the layers panel you will see the template now has 2 layers. The template will be labeled as background and the image as layer 1.
    You can then select the image layer 1 and modify it as required.
  2. Simon H's post in Decent Free Network Monitoring Software? was marked as the answer   
    There isn’t a completely straightforward way to monitor multiple devices on the network.
    Depending on your router you might be able to install toastman tomato firmware which allows monitoring individual device traffic by IP address.
    I’ve done it with one of my routers with very little prior knowledge. My starting point was simply to Google “toastman tomato asus rt-n66u”
    From there I found a forum which contained links to the required software and all the information I needed.
    If you can get hold of an old router then I would try it on that first because the process can brick the device if it goes wrong.

    Try doing the same search for your chosen router to see what’s available and if you feel comfortable trying it. If you have an Asus router then there’s loads of specific information I can help you with.

    Here’s a link with some general information that got me started.
    If you don’t have a compatible router or don’t want to risk installing new firmware then you could try connecting your Roku to the internet via a PC for a few days with monitoring software installed that you know how to use.
    This way you could detect if Roku was using excess bandwidth. You could repeat the procedure with other devices until you find the culprit.
    Have any other devices experienced delays
    Have you googled Roku Delays there might be a known issue with the device or the service.
  3. Simon H's post in HP OfficeJet Pro Premier 8500 A909 PRINTER was marked as the answer   
    Below is a link to the software drivers for your printer. You need to make sure you choose the right OS from the drop down box eg. windows 7 32 or 64 bit whichever you have.
    Also when I set up wireless printers I always manually connect them to the router which avoids any problems with the initial connection.
    To do this use the control pad on the printer to access the network menu. (There's usually a wrench on the button you need to press). Choose the Wireless Setup Wizard and a list of available networks will be displayed.Select the SSID for your wireless network and enter the password.
    If you have your router set to not broadcast the SSID then you will need to scroll to the bottom of the list and choose "other" then enter the SSID manually followed by your password.
    The printer will then connect wirelessly you also have the option to print a test report to double check there are no errors.
    Now when installing the drivers choose the option to add an additional computer. Make sure the printer is plugged in with ink and paper supplies in place and follow the on screen instructions.
  4. Simon H's post in Share Power between UPS and Surge Suppressor was marked as the answer   
    We have automatic transfer switches. They switch power to a secondary ups if the primary ups fails and back again when primary ups is restored.
    You could have your surge protector as the primary power source and the ups as the secondary. That way when the ups is turned on and the surge protector power fails it will switch to the ups. Then back to the surge protector when you turn off the ups.
    They are expensive though around £400, so more expensive than changing ups batteries. Also using one to switch between your surge protector and a ups that is turned off most of the time defeats the purpose.
    It would be cheaper to just get another ups and use it solely for the router and modem. It then protects the router from outages all the time not just when you have your computer on every few days.
    If you go with the automated switch here's a link to one that we use so you can see what they are.
    There would also be an additional cost if you don't already have the correct cables / adapters to connect the unit up to your equipment.
  5. Simon H's post in Deleting shutdown & restart tiles was marked as the answer   
    Right click the tile and choose "unpin from start".
    They are just shortcuts so there is nothing else to remove.
  6. Simon H's post in Remove HTML spacers when exporting for web with Photoshop was marked as the answer   
    Can’t see this in Photoshop but in Fireworks under File > HTML Setup > Table Tab, there are options for “Nested tables, no spacers” and “Single table, no spacers”.
    Not used them myself but it sounds like what you need.

  7. Simon H's post in Startup repair forever loop was marked as the answer   
    Hi Bullet,
    I had one of my machines with a very similar problem a couple of weeks ago.
    I solved it by booting into safe mode and starting the machine from the last known good configuration.
    To do this you need to turn the computer on then immediately press F8 before the Windows logo appears. This displays a menu of start-up options.
    Use the arrow keys to highlight “Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced)” then press Enter.
    This should load Windows 7 by ignoring the current damaged configuration and replacing it with one that works.
    There’s also no risk of you damaging your computer with this method, Just be patient and give it time.
    Once you have started the computer back all your files up in case it happens again.
    Let us know how you get on and whatever you do, don't reinstall windows. You can still recover data files from the hard drive even if windows won't start. I will give you instructions how to do so if nessisary but the above steps should work.
  8. Simon H's post in Internet TV Solutions and Similar Solutions? What's in the market? was marked as the answer   
    Chromecast is just Googles version of Roku and neither of these devices give free internet access.
    Unless there is some extra content or additional channels on Chromecast then your parents would be just replicating what they already have. Kind of like having 2 Netflix apps on your phone.
    As for other devices that do a similar thing, in the UK there has recently launched a product called the now box which sells for just £9.99 which is very similar to Roku and Chromecast
    I expect others will follow.
  9. Simon H's post in WiFi without IP? was marked as the answer   
    When you say IP I presume you are talking about an internet service provider or ISP. Most people setting up a home wifi network would have an internet connection through an ISP but it's not actually required.
    If you have a wireless router but no internet connection you can still connect all your PCs, printers, phones etc to it, just select your network name and enter the wireless password on each device you want to connect. You just won't be able to access the internet.
    You will also need an app to facilitate file transfers between your iPhone and PC if that's what you want to do.
    There are loads to choose from, I use one called AirDisk Pro (link below)
    Using the app you can easily transfer files locally between your iPhone and PC, no internet connection required. You just open your browser on your PC, enter the address shown on the app and you can transfer files over wifi directly from and to your iPhone. I have the address set up on the bookmarks bar in my browser to save typing it in all the time.
    You can also use the app to transfer files using Bluetooth between iPhones.
    If you tell a bit more about exactly what you want to achieve with your home network then there might be more appropriate apps that someone knows about to recommend for you.

    If you need any further advice on using the file transfer apps or setting up your network let us know.
  10. Simon H's post in What's wrong with my wireless CODi mouse? was marked as the answer   
    According to their website.
    No drivers are required (plug and Play)
    No pairing is required
    Supported operating systems Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 & 8, Mac OS X v10.1-10.8
    So looks like If the batteries are ok and you have one of the above operating systems then the mouse must be faulty
  11. Simon H's post in Ethernet Over Power Lines was marked as the answer   
    Whatever the transmission media, it only effects the speed of data transfer from point to point. Its how the network is set out that effects congestion more than anything. So yes a network using ethernet over powerline can become congested.

    Its a long time since I had to do any research papers but I would suggest researching network topology, star, circle and mesh networks to understand what causes congestion and how it can be mitigated.
  12. Simon H's post in How do I configure the email notifications from this site? was marked as the answer   
    Click on your user name then "user tools" > "Email notification settings"
  13. Simon H's post in What do you call the www. part of a website name? was marked as the answer   
    The answers. part is a subdomain of groovypost.com
    You may also see something like answers.groovypost.com/answers
    the /answers part points to a directory withing the groovpost.com domain
  14. Simon H's post in Is it a good idea to shut down my computer every day? was marked as the answer   
    Shutting down your home computer / laptop every night isn’t bad and won’t shorten its life.
    Some people say that shutting down every night stresses components and solder joints with the heating and cooling. This may have been the case with early PCs and shoddy solder but it’s not a problem anymore.
    I have experienced issues with servers which after running for months suddenly fail after being shut down. This could lead some folk to conclude that the shutdown has caused the failure.The thing to remember here is that the server failure was not caused by shutting it down every night. It just happened to coincide with the shutdown.
    Apart from not being bad, shutting down every night has the following potential benefits:
    Can make problems with software less frequent Removes the risk of power surge whilst the PC is shut down and unplugged Less dust drawn into the PC by the fan because it’s turned off for several hours each night Saves power Less wear and tear on moving parts such as fan bearings and hard drives.
    Extend the life of battery on laptops Items 2 to 6 could also be achieved by hibernating the PC / laptop and unplugging it
    Possible disadvantages of shutting down every night
    It can be an inconvenience having to wait for it to start every day Unable to access PC remotely until you have turned it back on May have to perform virus checking / updating whilst using PC (not a big problem on a new PC) So if you don’t have a need to have it switched on 24/7 then just do whatever is best or more conveinient for you
  15. Simon H's post in Best Home Wifi Router for 2013 was marked as the answer   
    This might not be what you had in mind but since no other answers thought I would post anyway.I have this Devolo dLAN powerline Wireless extender. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Devolo-dLAN-500-Wireless-Starter/dp/B00A67I5EK/ref=pd_cp_computers_3
    It works with any router by having the the transmitter plug connected to an Ethernet port on your router. This sends the signal over the powerline to the receiver plug which goes wherever you need it.
    The signal is far more stable and faster than any repeater I have ever used. I guess this is becasue it doesnt have to rely on a diminishing signal as repeaters do.
    The instructions are detailed, its easy to set up and the receiver plug also gives you 3 LAN ports.
    This is a page from the manual showing a typical setup but you can also get additional revceivers if you ever require them.

  16. Simon H's post in Can someone explain to me what this means? (Canon 1907) was marked as the answer   
    My take on it is that they can do pretty much anything with the content you upload but only for the purpose of providing the service to you. So they as just covering themselves for when / if they use third parties to help provide the service.
    Ps did cannon ever release the codecs for the 6D raw images?
  17. Simon H's post in Outlook Express - Sent Items Deleted was marked as the answer   
    What DW96 says is the most staightforward solution if your emails are still on the server. If they are not then check your recycle bin on the desktop for any files with names like "sent items.bak". You may need to set your folder views to show hidden files and folders to see the the .bak files.
    If you still have the .bak files, let me know and I might be able to help you restore them back to OE.
    As a suggestion, even if you do manage to restore the folder and emails you should seriously consider migrating your email to a different email program. You have probably heard that suggestion before but OE is now years out of date and unsupported. It has a history of corrupting / losing email and those problems are never going to fixed.
  18. Simon H's post in Unscribe Process? was marked as the answer   
    Click on your username then on the next screen click on "User Tools"
    From the menu choose "email notification setings"
    you can then select which items you want to be notified about e.g. just to be notified about answers you have asked answered or commented on or you can stop all notifications.
  19. Simon H's post in Gif files in Word 2010 was marked as the answer   
    Sometimes graphics don’t display correctly in draft mode so check that you are using Print layout, go to the View tab of the Ribbon and in the “Document Views” group select “Print Layout”
    Also go to File>options>advanced and in the “show document content” section check that “Show drawings and text boxes on screen” is checked.
    With regards to the line spacing, right click on the incorrectly adjusted lines and choose paragraph from the context menu, under line spacing choose single.
    Let me know how you get on
  20. Simon H's post in Does Nitric Oxide help build muscle fast? was marked as the answer   
    Its likely you have heard that it works for some but there is no way of knowing whether or not it will work for you.
    As for what it is, its just a supplement to use on top of a proper balanced diet. The theory is that Nitric Oxide widens the blood vessels allowing more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles giving you greater endurance which enables you to train for longer and harder.
    So its not an easy way to build muscle fast, you still need to regularly put in the hard work and eat a proper balanced diet to ensure you have the correct nutrients needed for muscle gain.
    There are also risks, I suggest you Google Nitric Oxide risks and side effects which among others including low blood pressure and bleeding.
    I would also consult a doctor before starting any supplement such as this so that he can tell me exactly what it contains and if its safe for me.
  21. Simon H's post in opinions about nokia lumia 822 windows phone for verizon was marked as the answer   
    It might be worth you saying a bit about how you intend to use the phone and what apps you intend to run on it. That way people can give a more accurate assessment as to whether or not its the right phone for you.
    For me I generally like the WP8 hardware, the phones seem well built and I'm sure they will better survive being dropped than the iPhone 4 with its glass back.
    The main problem for me is that lots of the apps are not available on WP8 which rules it out straight away no matter how good it is. Given the dominance of IOS & Android coupled with the failure of WP7 I doubt app developers will be rushing to rectify this anytime soon.

  22. Simon H's post in How to Export EDB File into PST File? was marked as the answer   
    Do you still have access to your exchange account? If so then you can export all your mailboxes, contacts, calendars etc directly to a .pst file.
    Go to file, options, advanced, export
    Choose “Export to a file”
    Click Next
    Choose “Outlook Data file (.pst)”
    Click Next
    Select the items you want to export and check the box to include subfolders
    Click Next
    Browse to where you want to store the .pst and click finish.
    If you don’t have access to your exchange account then you can convert an EDB file to a .pst file but you will have to buy software to do this.
    I can’t recommend any software to convert the EDB file since it’s not something I have ever needed to do.

    Hopefully you still have access to your account

  23. Simon H's post in Cannot shift objects off sheet Excel 2010 was marked as the answer   
    This error can be due to objects in the cells you are trying to manipulate but it can also be due to an object overlapping from a nearby row or column as in the image below. The comment is in Cell C3 but the hover over pop up window overlaps onto columns D, E & F. You need to leave enough unhidden space on the spreadsheet to the right of column C otherwise you will get the message cannot shift objects off sheet.

    You can edit the comment and drag the edit box to a new position where it doesn’t overlap the columns that you want to hide, as in the image below. This will allow you to hide all the columns that you want to.

    The problem with this is that, although you can reposition the comment window whist editing, the hover over pop up window will still be anchored in the same place when you mouse over it and consequently with the columns hidden it won’t show properly as in the image below. Unfortunately there is no way to change the default anchor point of the hover over pop up window.

    You could chose to have the comment showing all the time, in which case it will be displayed in the same position as the edit box as in the image below. This could look messy though if you had lots of comments on the sheet

    Another workaround would be to drag the unhidden column so it’s wide enough to display the pop up window correctly as in the image below. This way you can have the comment hidden until its needed.

    The other thing you could do is replace the comment with a data validation message as in the image below.The problem with this would be that the cell needs to be selected for the message to show so you will need to choose what suits your worksheet best.

  24. Simon H's post in How to open/delete a CRX file? was marked as the answer   
    You are correct, .CRX files are Chrome extension files so you will need Google chrome installed to open the files.
    Before opening them, be aware that .CRX is a compressed file format and can contain executable files and therefore can contain viruses or malware in the same way that .zip files can contain malware.
    Unless you are sure that the files are safe then do not open them.
    To open them
    Double click on the .CRX file extension and if it doesn’t automatically open in Chrome you will get a message ‘Windows can’t open this file’
    Underneath were it says “What do you want to do?” click the button that says “Select a program from list of installed programs” then click OK. This will open the “Open with” dialog box.
    Click on Browse and navigate to Google chrome it is normally at C:Users/Username/ AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/Application (where username is your own username)
    In the Application folder click the Chrome icon and then click the Open button. This should open the file.
  25. Simon H's post in How do I make Outlook.com my default mail application? was marked as the answer   
    Outlook.com isn't an email application, it’s just an email service.
    Therefore like AlexMVP says you will need an email application or email client.
    You could use Microsoft Outlook to download your outlook.com email but if you don't have this you could use any other email application. Mozilla Thunderbird is a good free one.
    The Groovypost site has a step by step on how to set up Microsoft Outlook to download your Outlook.com email, here is the link.http://www.groovypost.com/howto/outlook.com-settings-pop3-smtp-imap/
    The Outlook.com server addresses given in this step by step can also be used to set up other email applications such as Thunderbird.
    Once you set up your chosen email application to download your Outlook.com email you can then set that application as the default.
    If you let us know what email application you will be using then we can help you set that up if needed.
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