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How do I delete multiple photos from my iPhone / iPod Touch at once?


I have roughly 300 pictures on my iPod, and another few hundred on my iPhone. Some of these are screen shots of bank receipts, and some are just pictures that I've already backed up to my computer.

How do I delete all of my photos/images at once? Like a bulk delete. I figure the process is the same on both the iPod, iPad, and iPhone... so someone has to know ow to do this.

Also, I don't want to lose any of my other data, just the photos.

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Just plugin your iPod, iPhone, iPad (fill in the "iSomething") into your PC or MAC and it should come up as a USB drive. From there you can navigate to the phone and go through the subfolders until you find the folder with the photos in it. From there just delete the photos you don't want.

I do this all the time on my Windows 7 system. It's great for when the kids grab my phone and take a bunch of pictures of the carpet and the dogs backside....

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