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Looking for a Role based or Multi-User Unique password manager



I am looking for a program similar to roboform and lastpass that stores the password but has an option to hide the password from certain people. For example I want to have a admin login and a client log in. So admin provide password and the client uses the password. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you all in advance.

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Sowsoft has an enterprise program called Network Password Manager that does exactly this. However it isn't free. You're looking at $249 for 1 server/5 users.

Have you tried KeepassX? Or Keepass2? I think they may be able to do this with a bit of tweaking.

Another option is to use a portable password manager like Keepass and store it on an encrypted drive that only you have the encryption key to. Truecrypt would work for this.

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The paid for version of roboform uses profiles and for a lot less than $249


Thank you ComputerExpert. Could you please find a link on the web with that feature because I can not find it!


Thank you Bananajoe.

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