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Found 13 results

  1. Are there some good resources to locate free of charge psn codes? Wherever can i locate excellent psn code generator?
  2. I'm so sorry because I know from my last 3 month's experience, and the hundreds of hours I've spent trying to understand how to... well, understand what to look for and what it means, etc., but every time I Google anything, suspicious files, remote and root access to my computer that I did not grant, modem logs, etc, I simply can't understand the BASICS of what people are talking about in order to answer the question I Google... let me begin by saying, 3 months ago I found a "Privitize VPN" on my computer and many files on my phone (both installed on the same day), that ultimately led to the fatal crash of the computer (the C and D drives switched; so that C became my restore and D was my Main... I hope I explained that correctly) my brother in law, the only person I trust on this with an IT background, says he's never seen anything like it... When I located the bugging software on the file (I created a word document with everything I found) and reported it to the Police, it was stolen later that night... it took me months to come to this conclusion, but I've ultimately come to believe that the source of the bugs is in fact, law enforcement... I think on a Federal Level, but I can't be sure of that at this time. I do know how I got mixed up in the investigation… I had a roommate that I didn’t do a proper background check on, and it turns out he’s a career criminal (steals power, steals vehicles and manufactures new VIN plates for them, makes grade A false IDs and deals mass drugs to boot) he has multiple arrests and multiple currently active warrants, and was using my computer and phone to do this shady business, unknown (at the time) to me… took me a while to put all this together, but I promise you it’s valid. He split pretty soon after all this started, but the invasion of my privacy consumed me… I began documenting everything, finding out my friends and family had been bugged, and crazy shit like AT & T even being on it… they sent me 2 “high security modems” in a row, since the one I had and the first one they sent, they told me, had been hacked… they came with “Net gear” official documents and stickers, model numbers, etc., yet Net gear insists they didn’t manufacture them, as the Serial Numbers on them do not match any format Net gear has ever used… so you can see how I trust no one to ask these questions of, and the forums I’ve stumbled on confuse me even more… but this one made some sense to me… and I thought just maybe someone would take pity on my underknowledged butt.I’m working with an attorney for a “malicious prosecution” suit, because I’ve suffered a constant and totally consuming invasion of privacy.. My house and car getting bugged, evidence getting stolen from me on a regular basis if it’s not strapped or chained to me.. . Literally! And the loss of friends and family, as I’ve distanced myself from everyone because I don’t want them to go through this… the more I document, and the more vicious I get with my retaliation, the more severe the attacks, but I promise I’ll sooner blow my brains out, being sure to leave a thank you note to these a-holes for the life they’ve stolen from me, than be quite and hope it blows over.I promise to anyone reading this, that I’m not guilty of anything that warrants the vicious attacks I’ve endured over the last few months, but fair warning that if you offer to help me, you will most likely be investigated in some way as well.I’m sorry for asking, even though I am, and you don’t know me, but I’m at the end of my rope, I don’t see an end to this, I don’t know how to protect myself, and I am sure that I don’t want to live like this one single moment longer… literally. Please, if you can help me understand what to look for and how to protect myself, it can make a life or death difference at this point.I’ve kept ridiculous documentation of all this… amassing over 1600 audio files of conversations involving all this, etc… the hard copies that I painstakingly transcribed by hand after my computer crashed for the 5th time in 3 months… but those files were stolen from me, when only a few feet from me, just a few days ago. It was the last thing on Earth I had that meant anything to me anymore.Thank you
  3. A portion of a website I access is controlled by a username & PW. Recently I found myself automatically logged in under a username that was not mine. I am concerned this is a security risk, however am uncertain what steps to take to resolve. Rebooting did not resolve the problem.
  4. I am having a problem. Whenever i plug in my usb in my office computer, the following folders appear. http://i.imgur.com/gEvdY.jpg If i try to copy any folder from my computer to my usb drive, it hides the folder the other folder is changed to .exe file. Scanned it with MSE and it didnt show me anything....i tried deleting the files using cmd (attrib method) and deleted the files. I even did a quick format. But whenever i re plug in my usb these 2 files are always there in it. ANy suggestions?
  5. Question from Readers: Hi groovyPost, How do I copy files and encrypt/password protect a CD? I'm running Windows 7 X64. Cheers, Chris
  6. When I try to login to my router at it accepts my username and password but just displays the message " ( is managing this device " with a blank white screen, nothing else is visible. Is there anyway to fix this? I can't access my router control panel because of this.
  7. Hello I am looking for a program similar to roboform and lastpass that stores the password but has an option to hide the password from certain people. For example I want to have a admin login and a client log in. So admin provide password and the client uses the password. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you all in advance.
  8. Hello, I'm desperately looking for an answer so I'm hoping you can help me! I want to view the websites visited via my home wireless connection. I have a Motorola SBG900 router. I logged into the webpage but I cannot find a log telling me which websites were visited and at what time. Is there a log on this router? Please tell me there is. Thank you for your time.
  9. Ray writes: "Hello Austin, I read your article concerning search engines that don’t record your address when browsing the internet. My question to you is if you are using Windows Explorer 9 browser does it send info back to Microsoft or anyone else when using one of the search engines i.e. Duck Duck Go or Startpage which would negate the whole purpose of those engines. Reason I’m asking is I don’t trust the system and don’t fully understand OS Windows 7 well enough to make the call for myself. Would you please explain? Thanks, Ray"
  10. A friend of mine is receiving emails from my email address advertising electronics but I never sent them. I have a strong password which I changed as soon as I was made aware of the first email, I changed my security details as well but since then another 2 emails have been sent. I don't have any automatic mailing software and the emails are not in my sent box. How is this happening when I have done all my security.
  11. Hey i Encrypt one of my Msword2010 doc in Windows 7 operating system...but due to some reason i forgot my password n unable to unlock it...is there is any soln to it..pls tell me how to crack it or how can i recover my password...i was also trying word password recovery 5.0 but it unable to crack it..it's not working..pls help me out..i really need that documents..if possible send me the soln on my mail id..pls help me out man... Thanks Amit kumar(im.amit009@gmail.com)
  12. Office Excel 2011 - Protect worksheet or workbook - I have protected the worksheet by a password but find I still can copy and past into a new worksheet and then I can change things arround. How can I stop someone being able to change or delete things.
  13. can someone tell what specific ipad an email was sent from. IOW, is there a serial number or code corresponding to my ipad that shows up in the header? thanks
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