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Found 18 results

  1. Question from Reader - Email Form Hi Tom, Ouch. I know how it feels losing a days worth of work. The worst part is when you have to recreate what you've already done. To answer your question, when you found the Entry "OutlookSecureTempFolder" what was the path in the DATA column? I assume you reviewed this post here to find it. It looks like you found the registry key entry so your more than 1/2 way there. Find that key again and you should have the path to your OLK folder and your Excel should be sitting there. Now the path might be a bit confusing because with Outlook 2007, there actually is "NOT" an OLK folder. For instance, on my XP/Outlook 2007 install, my OLK folder or "Temp Outlook Folder" / "OutlookSecureTempFolder" is: c:\Documents and Settings\mrgroove\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\4V32TZLP So if you look on your box you will find what your looking for in the "Content.Outlook" folder. Take a look there and your golden. More reading can be found here also on the Outlook OLK folder location: http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microsoft/outlook/find-the-microsoft-outlook-temporary-olk-folder/ Thnx!
  2. Hi everyone,I have received the following error from an Excel workbook that I have been using: -<recoverylog xmlns="http://schemas.openxmlformats.org/spreadsheetml/2006/main"><logfilename>error056520_01.xml</logfilename><summary>Errors were detected in file 'C:\Excel\Function and Formulas for Excel.xlsm'</summary>-<removedfeatures summary="Following is a list of removed features:"><removedfeature>Removed Feature: Object from /xl/workbook.xml part (Workbook)</removedfeature><removedfeature>Removed Feature: OLE Control Extension from /xl/workbook.xml part (Workbook)</removedfeature></removedfeatures></recoverylog>So..my question how to fix this error?Thanks.
  3. Hello, I have asked this question at a couple of other places and nobody has been able to come up with a solution. Before asking this question I already believed there wasn’t a solution to this, but I will try it again to see if someone should happen to have a solution for this. In Excel when you copy a cell the border starts moving/flashing. Only when that border is moving you are allowed to paste its contents into another cell. Once the border is no longer moving, you are also unable to paste its contents. The other option is to double click on the cell or go into the formula bar to manually copy the data, which then you can paste as much as you want, at least until something else is copied. Here is my problem. I have VB script within the “Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)” section of my worksheet. So every time another cell is selected this script is run. The script works perfectly and I do not need this changed. The spreadsheet first needs to be unlocked before the script can run, so I had to put this at the top of the script “ActiveSheet.Unprotect” and this at the bottom “ActiveSheet.Protect”. When I select a different cell and the code hits either the unprotect or the protect commands, then the copied cell border is no longer flashing, so I can’t paste. Is there a script of some sort that I can use so it retains the copied data? The script should only run when a cell is copied. I also don’t want to use the SendKeys function because that typically causes more issues then what it solves. I have always been wondering where Excel stores its data for copied cells, since usually copied data is stored in the windows clipboard, or some other dumping ground since Windows 7 & 8 no longer use the clipboard for copping data. So I don’t understand why Excel doesn’t use the same method as everything else when a cell is copied. Other information asked from the other sites: What is the code that I am using: The code that I am using can be found at the below link. It is the one with the green checkmark as the answer, the one that I wrote. Although, for the most part it is irrelevant to this issue, other than knowing that when it hits the unprotect line, that is when it removes the flashing borders of the copied cell. For this script you see here, the unprotect wouldn’t be needed, but due to the fact that there is a lot of code in other locations of this spreadsheet I had to put the unprotect in there due to the spreadsheet being protected. If I didn’t unprotect it here, then the script would error out because it isn’t able to make changes.http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17005931/excel-2010-vb-script-highlight-row-issue Clarification on how I am copying cells: Someone thought I had script to copy a cell from point A to point B. No, when I say copy I am just using the typical Ctrl + C on the keyboard. Due to the script activating as soon as another cell is selected, it prevents the copied cell from remaining active so I can never paste. This isn’t too major of an issue since cells are very rarely copied in this spreadsheet, but just knowing the fact that it doesn’t work is driving me crazy, I like things to fully work the way they are supposed to. I would greatly appreciate it if someone knows of a solution to this. Thanks, Chris
  4. I am trying to hide all the columns from E to the end of the sheet but keep getting the error message cannot shift objects off sheet. Everyone says this is down to hidden objects in the sheet or hidden comments but I have used the clear all icon to remove everything from the cells that I want to hide but still keep getting the error message. I have checked the find and select selection pane and there is only one comment on the sheet and that is in cell C3 so nothing to do with that. I haven't copy and pasted anything into the sheet so its not images as someone else suggested. Please can anyone help I am beginning to think my Excel is broken. Laura
  5. I want to best solution for recovering Excel sheet password because I don’t remember my Excel file password please any one suggest me to remove my Excel file password….Thanks
  6. I have a protected worksheet but I want users to be able to sort one of the tables. When protecting the sheet I checked the options allowing users to select cells, sort and use auto filter but it won’t allow the table to be sorted without entering the password for the sheet. What am I doing wrong? Excel 2010 Abby
  7. I have created a bunch of series in my excel plot. I would like to have ability to retain these series but only select the one that I'm interested in to look at. Presently when I try to select the one that I'm interested in I have to delete other series. And every time I need to select a series which was deleted I end up creating again (which takes time and really unnecessary). Is there a way I can retain all the series and select the one that I'm interested in without having to delete the other series.
  8. I use Office 2010 for making excellists I use for my work. Now I want to use those lists digital while im outdoors. Normally I print them out. But Ive got a Galaxy Tab and a iPad 1 from my boss to test stuff out. I loaded the checklist on both tablets, but the checkboxes ive put in the excel list dont show up anymore. Things ive tried:- Both tablets have VMWare installed. With this programm it's possible to use your desktop but on a tablet. With VMWare the checkboxes are visible and easy to use. But everytime you tick one, the 3g connection kicks in and I have to wait several seconds. So, it works, but not optimal. And there is no mouse so you have to do everything with gestures. Not very easy to do. On both tablets I have loaded the list in Polaris Office. Both times, no checkboxes. On my HTC One X, I loaded the list in Polaris, no checkboxes On both tablets and on my HTC One X I loaded the list in OfficeSuite Pro. No checkboxes. Anyone got any idea how to get checkboxes on a excel list to use on a tablet android or ios?
  9. I have a user with a previous version of Excel that was password protected AND encrypted. Now another user who has the password is using Excel 2010 and can not open it. The error message says "Excel cannot open this file. Encryption type is not available." However, several others in her dept. can open it.
  10. it only let me do 3 conditions.I am want my column like this all amount less than $0 in red text$0 to $100 orange text$101 to $250 yellow text$251 to $500 blue textamount over $500 green text Thanks for helping
  11. I have column B with 200 rows of true / false I am trying to write a macro that will search column B from the top and when it finds the first true it will copy the contents from that row in column A and paste them to D1 Then I want to do the same thing in D2 but searching for the second true then in D3 searching for the third true. e.g.If the first True is in cell B50 then I want cell D1 to display the contents of cell A50 If the second True is further down say in B75 I want cell D2 to display the contents of cell A75 If the third True is in cell B150 then I want cell D3 to display the contents of cell A150 It doesn’t matter if there are more than 3 True's I only need to find the first 3 wherever they are in column B
  12. Mark writes: Anyway, do you know how,or is it possible to have excel sheet bar displayed in, say two tiers?I do price lists for my company and we carry over 50 different lines of products (automotive) in one price list . So it is tiresome to be going from one end of the list to the other. If it is possible,could you post a turorial? The result should look like this:
  13. Sorry to bother you guys again but I’ve spent hours on this with no success. I have some excel 2010 files containing self signed macros and want my mum to be able to use them on her new win 7 office 2010 computer. I tried to import the certificate but it says it can’t import it because the certificate is not trusted. There is also a message that says the certificate doesn’t have a key. Not sure if this is anything to do with it but it works on my laptop without the key. I have Googled this and followed Microsoft instructions to export and import the certificate and I have done this through internet explorer and excel but it just won’t work. With her old XP office 2003 computer I just trusted the publisher but there isn’t an option to do that on her new one. I have checked that macros are set to be disabled unless signed by a trusted publisher but can you trust yourself as a publisher on win 7 office 2010.
  14. I have a list containing dates of birth going from cell A1 to cell A1765 and need to calculate the ages. So far I have a row of formulas B1 to B1765 subtracting the dates of birth from todays date. Then I have a row of formulas from C1 to C1765 dividing the number of days by 365 with the cells formatted to show no decimal places to give the number of years. I now need to calculate the months and years so for example the age of someone born on 01/12/1980 would be 31 years 2 months and 19 days I am thinking of taking the results from column C multiplying them by 365 then subtracting them from the total number of days then dividing by 30 for number of months but this is getting complicated and it doesnt account for months that have more or less than 30 days.
  15. Quick question for you groovy excel ppl out there. I'm working with a vendor and need to calculate the discount and/or increase. I know there is a simple excel formula I can use. Just looking for a tip for it. Thanks!
  16. Office Excel 2011 - Protect worksheet or workbook - I have protected the worksheet by a password but find I still can copy and past into a new worksheet and then I can change things arround. How can I stop someone being able to change or delete things.
  17. Beatrice writes: I have a question, I know how to do a data validation drop down but I need the one list with two buttons in the same cell and a range of years.Do you know how to do this? I work for the school district and they need a particular calendar. They have a cell where you can list the year but it list whole number with a range of 1999 to 2999 and has two buttons.... one to go up in years and one to go lower... Hope this makes sense
  18. My dad wants me to make him a excel sheet with all different formula's in it. No problem, I can make those. But in the sheet, the first cells are used for a name from his client, and the second cell is used for a date. Q: Is it possible to make Excel use those to cells to create the filename of the sheet when it saves?
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