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  1. I have 16 invitations left for Google Wave! If you would like an invite, please reply below and/or PM me where you would like it sent.
  2. Randy Writes: Hi, How do I send an Outlook Contact Group, including its names, addresses, etc., to another computer? Thanks,
  3. Austin

    Homeless man turned famous

    This guy is named Ted Williams, he is 53 years old and has been homeless for the last several years. Previously he had a normal life and education, but it all went down the toilet when he turned to alcohol, drugs, and gambling for entertainment. Reddit and other popular websites Here is him, literally last week: [flash=640,385] And here is is, today: [flash=640,385]
  4. Just thought I would throw this out there, I came across a very effective anti-virus system which uses a very small amount of system resources. It is called NOD32, it is inexpensive, easy to set up, and essentially once you've installed it you never have to worry about it again. It self-updates about every 3 hours with new definitions and the program will update itself as well if you allow it. Works great with scanning emails from outlook, internet sites, msdocuments, and files which you download or are already existing on your system. And I believe the only thing which has to be set up is the email scanner. I used to use Norton and Mcafee, and as long as eset is around I will keep it like that. -gc
  5. Here are some space-scape wallpapers for your background! cat without matching eyes the eagle vietnam 20 years ago the moon(right) eclipsing venus(left) [Nasa article on this]
  6. I'm going to be uploading all of the groovyPost related wallpapers I create to this thread. I have the very large originals of these files (5000 x 5000 pixels) and I'll upload them as well later on. This first one is 1680 x 1050 [attachment=1]bakcground-1680x1050.png[/attachment] [attachment=0]bakcground2-1680x1050.png[/attachment]
  7. It's hard to say what will happen with this. Microsoft Windows Phone is sitting at ~10% marketshare in Europe and in the USA a meager 3.5% This plan is supposed to triple the marketshare in those regions? I doubt it, but I could see it going up to a still meager 10% in the US.
  8. Manufacturer Recertified has the 32GB version of the Windows 8 Surface RT tablet by Microsoft on sale. The price is $199, down from the normal retail of $349. But, this also includes the Touch keyboard which normally retails for $50. Making the normal retail price $399. That's $200 off the normal price. This is a refurbished model. So be aware of that. Link: ... 5335869999
  9. Walgreens is doing a 2 day sale 7/1/2013 through 7/2/2013. All 2 Liter Pepsi products will be $1. This includes Sierra Mist All Natural soda.
  10. Well M_Nation, Because you have voice/text working, it means that the majority of your information is correct. The data connection is managed by the Profiles 0, 1, 2 and the PPP Config. These sections only deal with 3G Data and don't affect voice/text. Something in the settings is buggered up. Double-check everything The AAA key The meid@vmobl address and meid number Clear out the DNS info so its blank, it should be retreived automatically Open DFS and re-enter the data as shown here:
  11. So just the data isn't working? Usually it's something to do with the PPP Config page. I don't know why, but sometimes some of the information on those pages gets cleared out. Do you have your correct?Also are you sure you have the correct HA key and AAA key? I don't know if the Wildfire has a different HA key than the intercept. And on the Profiles page is profile 2 set to yourMEID#@**prov** ?
  12. SD 99% Alcohol works just fine. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE A Q-TIP or other type of paper cloth that is likely to leave behind paper particles. You do not want any particles leftover on the CPU. My personal favorite is coffee filters. They are cheap, disposable, and designed not to disintegrate. If you fold one in half and soak it with alcohol it should be strong enough to clean off all of the thermal paste on a CPU and the motherboard. Make sure you use new paste with the new CPU.
  13. Austin

    Issue with Copying Excel Cells

    Your problem might be that Office has its own clipboard that is capable of storing up to 24 items:
  14. It's possible the wireless network adapter in the Chromebook is underpowered. Which model do you have? I'd suggest picking up a booster or a more powerful USB dongle like one of these:
  15. Austin

    How do you run Windows programs on a MAC?

    Download: Install guide: The cool thing about wine is it works for Linux too, so once you figure it out you're set to move over to a much better OS.
  16. You can mark it answered you can use the little checkmark by the upvote/downvote arrows. I went ahead and marked it this time. I'm happy to help!
  17. Austin

    Any suggestions for antivirus?

    The best antivirus programs are listed here: If you are Windows 8 it includes security automatically, by Microsoft. If you are on Windows 7 you can grab Microsoft Security Essentials for free. Generally speaking, Windows Defender / Security Essentials (Microsoft's solution) is just as good as the paid programs. Well, paid programs may offer a 5% improvement in security, but that is all.
  18. Error 16 is created because the carrier has detected a cloned phone. You'll have to try to place a call and it should reroute you to Sprint support who will ask you for some details: Are you a sprint Customer? .. No you are Virgin Mobile What phone are you using? .. Wildfire I don't recommend telling them about the fascinate. Make sure your Wildfire is in airplane mode and/or turned off. Don't ever turn it on / take it out of airplane mode again or you'll have this same problem again.
  19. Austin

    Windows 7 backup and restore

    No problem. First you would need to boot from a System Repair Disk, which you could create using another USB or CD/DVD. A System Repair Disk will boot separately from windows, it doesn't require Windows to be installed. Once your System Repair is loaded it can then restore a system image with just a few clicks. If you notice during the creation of the System Image windows automatically prompts to create a System Repair Disk. But if you don't want to create one the Windows 7 installation disk/usb also works.
  20. Question from a groovy reader: Hi Austin, I read your web page on backp/restore using M.S. backup as provided. I have this BIG doubt, though: If my Windows 7 does not boot due to failure or whatever, and I do have the backup image in a USB hard disk, how do I RESTORE the image back? Up to Windows XP I have been using Acronis, and that software can boot itself from a CD, so even one can restore to a new hard-disk. I have not bot Acronis because I read it has issues, possibly due to changes in Windows 7, so naturally I would like to use Microsoft backup, but am holding on answer to my questions. I hope you can afford some brief help just to avoid surprises. Thanks!
  21. This would definitely require more information to fix. Can you post any screenshots?
  22. The focus of groovypost answers is anything that is information-technology related. If you see a completely irrelevant and off-topic post, please report it. Most likely, the posts that you have seen are spammers somehow circumventing our anti-spam system, or paid "SEO" shills unsuccessfully trying to drop links to their sites. I'm removing them as soon as I see them, and we're working on a system to further prevent any "spam bots" from posting. For non-tech stuff, please see the Off-Topic section of the forum.
  23. Check also the actresses' personal twitters.