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Startup repair forever loop


Help! Dell Inspiron stuck in startup repair, unable to fix automatically, and I have no recovery disk ...I tried system restore but think I mite have messed something up after losing my patience ....

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Hi Bullet,

I had one of my machines with a very similar problem a couple of weeks ago.

I solved it by booting into safe mode and starting the machine from the last known good configuration.

To do this you need to turn the computer on then immediately press F8 before the Windows logo appears. This displays a menu of start-up options.

Use the arrow keys to highlight “Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced)” then press Enter.

This should load Windows 7 by ignoring the current damaged configuration and replacing it with one that works.

There’s also no risk of you damaging your computer with this method, Just be patient and give it time.

Once you have started the computer back all your files up in case it happens again.

Let us know how you get on and whatever you do, don't reinstall windows. You can still recover data files from the hard drive even if windows won't start. I will give you instructions how to do so if nessisary but the above steps should work.

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