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Gif files in Word 2010

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My Win 7 desktop will not correctly display gif files in Word 2010. The file looks normal on my XP laptop (and everyone else's computer), but on the desktop computer a gif of a math equation in Word becomes white text in maybe Signboard font on a black background, sometimes readable, usually not. The problem isn't consistent either. One equation may be weird and the next is normal. I might also note that on some documents the line spacing looks all out of whack, but it's normal on other computers. I've un-installed, re-installed, and updated my Office 10 and updated Windows 7....I am at my wits end!

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Sometimes graphics don’t display correctly in draft mode so check that you are using Print layout, go to the View tab of the Ribbon and in the “Document Views” group select “Print Layout”

Also go to File>options>advanced and in the “show document content” section check that “Show drawings and text boxes on screen” is checked.

With regards to the line spacing, right click on the incorrectly adjusted lines and choose paragraph from the context menu, under line spacing choose single.

Let me know how you get on

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