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I have a unique issue. I have several process mailboxes that I access in Outlook 2007. I also use a program on a remote desktop and access Outlook within the remote desktop. The process mailboxes update with incoming emails in Outlook on the remote desktop but do not update on my reglar desktop. Any suggestions to correct this?

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When you talk about accessing Outlook from within the remote desktop are you saying that you are accessing your regular desktop from a remote location in order to use the Outlook that is installed on your regular desktop.

If you were using a remote desktop to access your regular desktop then you would see exactly what is happening in Outlook as if you were sat in front of your regular desktop. e.g. the emails could not show as updated onto your remote desktop unless they were updated onto your regular desktop.

Since this is not the case and the emails do not update onto Outlook on your regular desktop it follows that you are not actually accessing the Outlook that is held on your regular desktop.

It sounds to me like you have installed and set up Outlook on 2 different computers to access your mail accounts and download them from the server.

If this is the case then the likely reason that your emails do not update onto your regular desktop is that when the emails are downloaded onto the computer that you refer to as the remote desktop they are removed from the server.

In this case all you need to do is change the settings in outlook to leave messages on the server.

To do this In Outlook 2007

  1. Click tools then account settings

  2. Select an existing email account

  3. Click change > More settings > Advanced tab

  4. In the Delivery section, check the box "Leave a copy of message on the server."

  5. Adjust the number of days that you need mail to be left on the server or chose the option to delete from server when deleted from deleted items.

  6. Click OK > Next and Finish.

You will need to do this for each email account that you have set up.

alt text

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