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  1. Hey AlexMVP I know this is really old but I just ran into this reply in my e-mail...yes, I definitely have the latest update. Categories are lost when moving from folder to folder. Wonder if there are any workarounds/hacks/fixes for this? CJ
  2. Hi, I am using 2007 OL without an Exchange Server. When I move an IMAP e-mail from one folder to another, the category is lost. Are there any workarounds to this? Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm using: Outlook 2007 Google Apps standard I have several folders set up in Outlook - I want to decrease the size of my PST file by putting some of those folders into their own PST files. Would this be a good idea? How would I go about doing this? Thanks!
  4. Thanks Vadim. And, you are right re: Google Premier...
  5. Not rid of me yet Did as you suggested - dropped all the e-mails from the PST into the gmail folders - it worked great - my Outlook hierarchy is cleaner, thank you. Two questions: 1. Can I delete the folder that ends in .pst from the navigation pane, now that I dropped all the emails into gmail (or is that where my contacts and calendar live too?) 2. It is a bit annoying that Inbox isn't the first folder under [gmail], and that there are a whole bunch of folders (including Sent Mail) above it - any way to change that?
  6. Thanks! OK - thank you very much for this tip, and for answering all my other questions, too. I really appreciate it. I am really considering upgrading to Premier just to be able to use the Outlook Sync Tool! Thanks again!
  7. If you are using Google Apps (not gmail) are you using the Outlook Sync Tool from Google or are you strictly connecting with iMAP? Next, if you imported your PST file into your Google email account, I reccomend you create a new Outlook profile to clean things up. That way you don't have your old PST file messing things up, just your new Gmail account being connected with iMAP or the Google Apps Sync client. I am strictly connecting via IMAP. I did migrate my calendar and my contacts from Outlook - although I am now realizing that unless I use Outlook Sync Tool the contacts and calendar won't be synced up, so whatever I migrated is what will be there, that's it (and the Outlook Sync Tool is not available for the Standard edition). If I create a new profile though won't that mean I won't have access to all the e-mail in that old PST file? OR (I'm just realizing this) are you saying that in fact when I create the new profile Outlook will pull down all that old pst e-mail which now lives in Google Apps? It's a little confusing but remember, GMAIL is funky. When you delete something in your inbox, what your doing on your GMAIl account is just removing its label. Labels is kinda another word for folders in GMAIL lingo but not really. TAG is almost a better word. Anyway, when you delete an email, you are essentially just removing the INBOX label so then it will now be placed in the All Mail folder in Outlook - /Gmail/All Mail] as well as in your gmail account. Yes, it's just now sinking in that All Mail is where stuff goes where you delete it (don't like that very much - it bugs me that an e-mail still lives after I killed it - although I'm sure it's also saved many people!). Using GMail with iMap, you will not be using the Junk Email folder in face, Google says you should turn it off - http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answ ... swer=78892 I'll check this out, thank you for giving me this resource. SPAM will be in the [gmail]/spam folder. The Trash is your also deleted items. Honestly not sure how things end up in there heheh. Here's another good link on the matter: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answ ... swer=77657 OK will read further - I think the one thing I remember is that when you want to permanently delete, to move e-mails to the trash or spam since they're cleaned out every 30 days... No. That isn't how iMap works. It will only download headers etc... you should be find. OK Then yes. Set it up in Outlook. Remember, GMAIL LABELS = Outlook Folders. Got it. Although I'm going to wait until you tell me answer re: creating new profile because if that's the case I'll want to clean up the structure in Gmail so that when Outlook pulls the e-mails it will be how I want it. Drafts... Hmmm, never played with that. I pay Google $5 a month so I have the premier edition of google apps plus the Google Apps Outlook Sync client. It's worth the $5 for me because Outlook acts like it should with an Exchange Server. No iMap craziness. That sounds so good, to have Outlook behave as if it were on Exchange. Do you get to flag (including with dates) and categorize e-mail items and does the category stay from folder to folder? One of the things I hate about standalone Outlook is having limited categorizing and flagging capabilities in e-mail. (I found a workaround for categorizing e-mail but you lose it when you change folders - which really puts a damper on my organizing method Is that what I did? YES - you're helping me tons
  8. I just finished migrating a pst to Google Apps I am confused by the folder hierarchy that was created (I copied it below) and want to 1. clean it up as much as possible - it looks like mail gets delivered to that second inbox, all the way down the hierarchy - and no longer to the "old" inbox I used before migrating. Is there a way to combine the two? I want to have only one file - this feels like I have an active inbox plus a "dead" pst structure 2. When I delete an e-mail in Outlook now it automatically disappears rather than get the line through it - any way to bring that back? 3. What is the difference between the Junk E-mail, Spam, and Trash folders? 4. I understand that Gmail's All Mail is an archive of all the mail sent/received - won't this create a really large pst file and then slow down my Outlook? 5. I plan on using Outlook 99% of the time to manage and work through e-mail - in general, is it better to set up structure on Outlook's side and then have that reflect in Gmail? I'm more interested in OL looking like I want it to. 6. Drafts - I was going to ask how to sync it with the Gmail drafts folder since I can't find a way to "map" where drafts get stored in Outlook...but then ran into a few articles saying that people have lost their draft e-mails because Google will just clean them out...if that's the case I'll continue to save them in the Personal Folders Drafts...(would love to know if anybody knows one way or another whether the Gmail Drafts does delete items from there though) Thanks for all your help in advance! (OH - and by the way - one problem/issue I am NOT having is the duplicate sent emails - thanks to one of Mr.Groove's articles I knew just what to do - thanks!) FOLDER STRUCTURE @my domain (how it used to read before migrating) @Today [Gmail] All Mail Drafts Sent Mail Spam Starred Trash my.pst (the one I migrated) Inbox plus all the folders/structure I had set up before migration Inbox (this 2nd inbox also seems to fall under the .pst parent ) Junk E-mail Misc Priority