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Outlook 2010 Inbox Folders Colapse

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Just converted all our office computers from various versions of Office to Office 2010. We have noticed that in Outlook 2010 each time you reopen outlook your Inbox Folders are collapsed and you must physically reopen every folder and subfolder. I've done google searches and have not had any luck in correcting. Some have over 100 folders to open each day. Please help.

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I intentionally made my folders automatically collapse as yours do.

First I closed all the mail folders as I wanted them to be on each restart of Outlook then exported all folders calendars etc into a new renamed data file which I saved in the default outlook files folder in My Documents.

Next I created a second outlook profile by going to Start > Control panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > Mail. If you use 32bit Office it will be (Mail 32-bit). I Clicked show profiles in the mail dialogue box and entered the details for the new profile.

Then without opening Outlook I selected the new profile clicked properties > Data Files > Add then browsed to the new data file and set it as the default for the new profile.

I tried lots of other stuff first but for some reason this worked although I don't know why.

Maybe if you open all your folders first then do the same it might work for you.

Additionally when a folder receives a new email the folder automatically expands

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