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  1. Thanks so much Bob...... you are right.. at least it is functioning to some degree...Appreciate your help
  2. Simon --- I did go back and disconnect / re connected to the wireless network... tried to download the driver again and when the "extraction" and then Installation comes up I get the message THE SPECIFIC SERVICE DOES NOT EXIST AS AN INSTALL SERVICE... again like above comment I can now at least print / and scan using WINDOWS Scan (not the greatest) and hopefully fax (have to check that out) but not able to do all from one as in the HP NAME ALL IN ONE cause it is the furthest from that...... THANK YOU SIMON.....Heinrich
  3. Bob -- I did this a couple of times... when I get to the point of installing (extracting) I get a message THIS SPECIFIC SERVICES DOES NOT EXIST AS AN INSTALL SERVICE However ... I now can at least print / I can use the Windows SCAN program and scan but it sure upsets me not to be able to have my HP Solutions icon and do it all from there..... Have not checked my fax but am assuming it will work.... THANKS FOR YOUR HELP... Heinrich
  4. Hello Bob --- I tried this link and it took me where I had unsuccessfully attempted prior. What I then did was go to ADD PRINTER and my system found the 8500 and I worked it that way and now have printing... But I have no capabilities of SCAN ... And I know that is all in the download package from my previous work with printer... Do you have any suggestion for that now? And then I am thinking my picture imports won't work either until the total package is in. I had successfully used the disc for Readiris Pro which I thought took care of the imaging... Thank you for your first direction as well as in advance for any thing here....
  5. Hello --- I have a HP 8500 A909 Printer and have been using it wireless on an XP system and all worked well.I just purchased a Dell with Win7 desktop and the disc will not complete loading as it just FAILS... and then when I go to the HP web site to download the driver it fails as well ... not giving me an error code just failing. Are there any ideas of how I can get this loaded up as without a printer I might as well be tied up... ha... Thanks,Heinrich
  6. Thank you Zines..... I do have it all with some minor things not backed up but being on the road it is tough... Hadn't thought that I needed to have two flash drives using one as a back up but now I have learned.... I did the steps you mentioned above and don't have any luck.... But I want to thank yo for your answer here and much appreciate your time involved. All the best.
  7. Hello -I have a Verbatim Flash Drive that has all my BRAINS on it as I am traveling this week... Using the flash drive as I always have it all of a sudden gone dead. The light doesn't show up anymore but when I insert is in any number of multiple ports the computer acts (with sound) as if it is accepting it but the drive doesn't come and hence the files do a no show.IS there any way I can work with the Flash Drive and recover what is on it?Thanks,Heinrich
  8. Okay, this sound pretty strange to me. I can access a couple of web sites in one location but not another (geographic) here while I am in NYC this week?When I try at one location it just spins and then says not available.When I run the check in my Windows 7 system it says everything is confiured right but these specific locations aren't responding?Sorry for the stupic question but it is a real one. Thanks
  9. Hello and thanks in advance as I know someone will come through again.... I have a laptop / a Droid phone / and my desktop that I sync all my OUTLOOK data with. Contacts and Calendar.... I use Outlook 2003 on my desktop and 2010 on my laptopWhat repeatedly happes is that my REMINDERS just keep on piling up and for the same event I might have it in my calendar now 600- 700 times...Is there a way to dump reminders as right now I have to delete them one at a time... too time consuming and then I hope that date passes by then it comes back to bite me again.They do seem to be my conintual reminders like BIRTHDAYS / ANNIVERSARIES .....I have gone in and deleted the contacts hoping they disappear but that doesn't work either....So bottom line every morning when I open my calendar it could take 5 minutes for it to open..... Thanks again and wish I could at some time help others the way you do for me...All the best!
  10. Aitch B --- THANK YOU SO MUCH.... Appreciate your reply as it seems to have worked very well. The mystery remains in my head as to how I messed it up in the first place.THANKS Groovy Post for being here...Heinrich
  11. Hello,I have a laptop that is my personal.... I for some reason this week have changed settings or something on my computer or in the outlook settings as I can no longer click on a link within an e mail and go to the web site etc.I get a message " this operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your administrator". It is my computer so I haven't a clue as to what I did or how to correct.Can you help me out?Thanks,Heinrich Klinge
  12. Recently deleted out of the "deleted items" folder some e mails I would like back? Is that possible?Thank you,Heinrich
  13. SIMON and STEVE... Thanks so much for your assistance... I found it very helpful and got it all working as I need now.I reacted to your advice with the email notices and have only now found the time to come here ans say properly THANK YOU.I appreicated your responses and surprised they happend so quickly. Heinrich
  14. Thanks to Simon and Steve.... you both are wonderful with the advice.I picked it up from my e mail but just now found time to come and say THANK YOU...All the best and this was a very simple experience.Enjoy your weekend...Heinrich
  15. Hello ..... I have Outlook 2003 on my DeskTop which I work from when in my home office --- I have Outlook 2010 on my laptop which of course is my work station when I travel. I also have my account on my Android.My e mail address is from the earthlink.net domain. I have my desktop and laptop both set to bring me the the mail from earthlink as I never go to that site at all.I have my desktop set to REMOVE data from server.. and on my laptop I have NO as well as on my cell NO.My challenge is not with my cell, however I would like to maintain all e mails on my laptop and desktop without losing them from either.Is there a way of setting up this? I often am traveling and trying to find an e mail that is on my desktop which causes me headaches..Thanks for any help and I hope I have made myself clear on my issue.Heinrich Klingeheinrichklinge@earthlink.net
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