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Missing colors on Outlook 2010

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Hi. I have Outlook and Office 2010 and Windows 7. I was working very late tonight and while working, I lost all the colors on my Outlook interface. The only color I see, besides a sea of white, is the icons of the folders and envelopes and a pale (almost invisible) aqua highlight of where the cursor is in my Inbox and email list. I have looked everyplace possible to no avail. The Options color scheme does nothing.

It was set to the silver scheme.

When this happened, I was working on my Website on one monitor (with many tabs open), and had another browser window open (both were Firefox), and was listening to an ABC TV program on the 2nd monitor while working. I did not download any software to do so (and have done this before). I also had Publisher, Word and Excel open.

I am running Microsoft's anti-virus program and I do not have any viruses or spyware.

Why would the colors vanish? And when I was not even working in the program? It's like emailing in the Antartic!

Appreciate your help.

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Did you solve this yet.

If not you could try creating a new outlook profile and linking it to your original Outlook data file.The new profile should have all the colours in it.

Click Start > Control panel > User Accounts and Family Safety >Mail (32-bit) or (Mail) if you use 64bit Office. In the Mail Setup dialog box, click Show Profiles.On the General tab, under When starting Microsoft Office Outlook, use this profile, click Prompt for a profile to be used, and then click Add.In the Profile Name box, type the name that you want to use for the new email profile, and then click OK.In the E-mail Accounts dialog box, click Add a new e-mail account, and then click Next.Click the appropriate server type for your new email account, and then click Next.Type your account information in the required boxes, and then click Next.Click Finish, and then click OK.

Now without opening Outlook select the newly created profile then click Properties.Click Data files button to open the Account Settings dialog to the Data files tab.Click Add then browse to your existing data file.Select your existing personal data file.Click Ok to return to the Account Settings dialog.Click the Set as Default button.Select the PST Outlook created when it created the new profile and click Remove. Close the dialogs.

This will be like transferring your outlook to a brand new computer so I cant see any reason why it wont work.

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