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Online video needs captions

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Hello everyoneI have downloaded a You tube video that is not mine and now I want to add captions to it. I'm doing it for a fun thing for my department meeting.

Anyone know the simplest and cheapest way for me to achieve this?

Thanks Dinah

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By downloaded, I'm assuming you've used RealPlayer's download tool or something else to get an actual MP2 or AVI file.

Now you can use Windows Live Movie Maker. It's not the friendliest video editor. You can't see individual frames until you play them in the preview screen, but it works.

Second option is not free, but it's not too spendy. Buy a DAZZLE Video Capture device. Made by Avid/Pinnacle. They cost about $50 and can be found at BestBuy. You get their video editing Studio with it which is easy to use and works really well. Worth the money because now you can hook up your computer to your TV and make DVDs of anything you can see on the TV screen (yeah, all those movies you have on the DVR).

Have fun making movies!

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