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  1. TY Steve. MS Press only subscription is $12/mo. I'm not seeking cert but needed references on Office, Project, etc. And now my 15 yo Nerdy Girl is using it to learn programming. It's all good.
  2. In the Windows Live window, click on your name. In the menu that opens, click the 4th command which is ACCOUNT. This screenshot should help you find what you need to close this account. screenshot The close account command is the 6th one down at the bottom of the screen.
  3. I'm assuming you like your Ask toolbar or you'd just uninstall the whole thing... but you don't want it checking for updates at regular intervals? All you really need to do is stop the scheduled task. Assuming you're running Windows 7? Go to the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler. In the Task Scheduler Library on the left, you should be able to find Ask toolbar (apps are grouped by publisher and I don't know if that will show up as Ask or something else). Once you find it, click on it to have it show in center window. DON'T DELETE IT! It will probably just recreate i
  4. By downloaded, I'm assuming you've used RealPlayer's download tool or something else to get an actual MP2 or AVI file. Now you can use Windows Live Movie Maker. It's not the friendliest video editor. You can't see individual frames until you play them in the preview screen, but it works. Second option is not free, but it's not too spendy. Buy a DAZZLE Video Capture device. Made by Avid/Pinnacle. They cost about $50 and can be found at BestBuy. You get their video editing Studio with it which is easy to use and works really well. Worth the money because now you can hook up your computer to yo
  5. By mail merge, do you mean being able to personalize a message and send it to multiple recipients with each receiving only the msg addressed to them? It's not an Outlook tool. Never has been. That tool is found in Microsoft Word and the wizard will walk you through it. After composing your message, Word can call up your Outlook contacts, you can select e-mail recipients, and you're in business!
  6. NerdyWoman

    Geek books!

    No more buying spendy tech reference books @ $30-50 a pop. Because they'll sit on the shelf (okay, in a stack on the floor) and become obsolete and you'll hate to throw them away but no one else wants them either. Check out http://mseref.safaribooksonline.com/home?subpage=hometab1. Monthly subscriptions start at $11.99 for access to 650 Microsoft Press titles. For a bit more, access titles from SAM, Que, Sybex and dozens more. Going for certification? They've got the training kit books for that. Want to get into developing apps for smartphones? Yup. Those books are on Safari Books too.
  7. Since you posted this question some time ago, I would imagine you have resolved the problem by now. But if not... You mentioned seeing your mail on the internet server and webmail although the webpage view of your msgs doesn't get the job done for you. There is NO PST file associated with webmail services such as hotmail, windows live, gmail, etc. I know because I have 5 PST files for my POP accounts and 2 for my windows live (MAPI) accounts. It sounds like the factory reset removed any references to the Outlook Hotmail Connector. You might try reinstalling it. http://office.mi
  8. Hi all! I'm new to groovyPost.com, but I come with a gift. I signed up because Steve asked readers to share favorite Office tips. My favorite has been in the app since Office 97 that I know of... If you've ever needed to test Word for formatting, file functions, etc., you don't have to use real documents that might contain sensitive information or that might get edited. At the cursor point, type "=rand(x,y)" where x = # of paragraphs you want and y = # of sentences in each paragraph. Leaving arguments blank defaults to 3 paragraphs of 3 sentences each. If you'd rather have nonsens
  9. I haven't encountered this problem, but I was intrigued. Did some hunting around in Excel. I'm assuming Office 2010? I've no doubt you didn't change anything that would cause this problem. I'm thinking it's a security "feature." You might try this: 1. Go to FILE TAB > Options > Trust Center 2. Click "Trust Center Settings" button in lower right corner. 3. From list on left, select File Block Settings. Make sure the file types you want to open/save don't have any checkmarked boxes. Click OK and see if it works!
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