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  1. Thank you - this was a great help and worked fine.
  2. I don't keep the old computers. I get new ones every year and give the old ones to schools and other institutes that tutor kids.
  3. This does make sense, and also I am now targetting to these locations to make sure that I get a backup every weeks of these files.
  4. Thank you . This link was helpful. But I am one of those people that the IT people hate since I have to keep up to 10 to 12 years of e-mails available for ongoing cases.
  5. I met up with some people who were part of the early development team for Microsoft Office and found out the limitation that is imposed upon me is that I am using an outside exchange server. I have switched to a dedicated server here (64 bit) on which I have unloaded all of my pst file so that I don't have to use the archived pst's to search through. This works, plus now I can sync my project files and also mirror over my e-mails and contacts for a shared pickup with the rest of my team on Sharepoint.
  6. I am running outlook 2010 64 bit, but used to run a program called "Calls to Journal". This program would sync my cell phone calls right into my Outlook Journal, which was an outstanding feature. But unfortunately, the program was never updated to run on anything other than Outlook 2007 32 bit. I am using an Iphone now, but am at a loss as to how to sync my phone calls (incoming and outgoing) to Outlook. Any suggestions?
  7. I am using PowerPoint 2010 and wanted to insert a video to within the PowerPoint file, but it makes the whole file 333 MB or (349,755,736 bytes). I need to burn the whole PowerPoint with the video onto a CD for distribution to my clients. So I am looking for an option whereby I could instead insert a link to the video, so that I could burn both to the same CD. This would require that whatever I inserted as a link to the video was directed to the location on the CD being burned. Right now, under the “Insert” “Video” menu’s I have only two choices: “Video from File” or “Video from Web”. Any suggestions, anyone?
  8. I have PST files going back over 10 - 12 years and whenever we have crashed or moved things to other computers, I have repeatedly found that someone along the way, may have changed the default directories that either the Outlook Data Files (both PST and OST files)were directed to. Therefore, I would do a full search of your C: drive with Windows Explorer using both .PST and .OST, to identify ALL of the PST and OST data files on your computer. Then you can capture and transfer them. Remember, some may have the same name but contain additional or different data so when copying them over, when asked if you want to keep the duplicate (if it is different in size and/or date) select the "Copy, but keep both copies" option. Sometimes you may find that the PST or OST files are too large to transfer. In that case, you may want to look at "PST Split", which I have used successfully in the past which will split them into smaller files which can be transferred. I am looking for an outside program, myself, that will take all of my PST files and put them into one database for quick access. For due diligience purposes or to comply with an information request, sometimes I have to go back 12 years. That is hard to do if you archive everything after 90 days.
  9. Is there a way with Outlook 2010 to create a Custom Quick Step Action with multiple actions? I want to use it to “Send to OneNote” emails and other items such as notes and journal entries but also, I need to create a custom flag that indicates I had sent the item to OneNote so that I don't do it again and recreate duplicate items in OneNote. In earlier versions of Outlook such as 2003,I used to be able to customize flags but I can’t figure it out in 2010.
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