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Clarifications on MS ACCESS

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I'm a student mailing you from India. I'm doing a MIS project in a SME company called Quest. Though it seemed a straight forward project, we sorta have hit a road block. I'm a complete NON-IT guy and the project is tended towards Information collation and the company right now follows a manual record keeping(data entry in books) system. The project was to be done with a ZERO-INVESTMENT policy in mind. So we thought that MS-Access would be a good start.

The template CALL-TRACKER is a perfect suit for our requirements, but it needs a little tweaking with the addition of some fields necessary. I wanted to know the following things:1)How do i add certain fields to customize the forms?2)Is it possible to allow for permission restrictions or Usage rights, where only one operator can modify some fields?3)The company runs its own website called Questxl(.)co.in , is it possible for me to integrate this website(with mail facility) to update any mails directly into customer orders/Calls in the access program?4)How do i integrate the CALL TRACKER WITH TIME TRACKER(Another template)?

These are the few doubts I have and would deeply and greatly appreciate any help available to me in this regard!Looking forward to hearing from u guys. Even links would help!


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