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  1. We have Microsoft Access 2010 as a database for our closed files and have just gone from No. 9999 to 10000 (from 4 numbers to 5 numbers) and now instead of continuing on with numbering after 9999, Access has begun the numbers beginning with 10000 at the TOP of our database, so whenever we enter a new number, we now have to go to the very BOTTOM to enter that new number, but when we get out of Access and then get back in it, that new number (and all of the next new numbers) will be located at the TOP of Access, instead of continuing on at the BOTTOM like it always has. Is there any way at all to make Access continue the numbering at the BOTTOM of our Access list like it always has without having to go through and add a "0" before all of our numbers to make the existing numbers have 5 numbers? Thank you for anyone who might have an answer!
  2. Hi - I'm back! I really really appreciate both of the above answers and will follow the suggestions you both have given me. Maybe, just maybe, something in here will finally correct this nagging problem that I absolutely do not understand because it just makes no sense. This is a wonderful forum. I'm sure I will be back with further questions as time goes on.
  3. I just came across this site and thought I would see if someone could help me with a problem that is a continuous one for me with Headers in Word 2010. I have tried to find an answer on other forums, but so far no luck. I work in a law office and create numerous documents where spacing is critical. A lot of the time, the header "scrunches up" (I don't know any other way to put it, but basically the spacing is off as it brings the lines up closer to each other and "smashes" the header together). When it does this, it messes up the spacing on all of the pages. The only way I have figured out how to "un-scrunch" the header is to click on the header and then come out of it. When I do this, the header is spaced correctly until it decides to "scrunch-up" again. I have tried to think of something to do to stop it from doing this because if I don't happen to notice it when it happens, the spacing on my pages is completely messed up. The last thing I tried was to try to "protect" the header by selecting it, and then under "Paragraph" select "Line and Page Breaks" and then select "Widow/Orphan control," "Keep with Next" and "Keep Lines Together" - I was hoping that by protecting the header in this way, it wouldn't do its "scrunching-up" thing, but unfortunately after a few minutes of typing, it did it again, so that obviously didn't work. Has anyone heard of anything like this or, better yet, had this same problem? My co-worker and I both have this problem and haven't been able to figure-out how to keep it from happening. Any and all suggestions (or even better - a solution!) would be very much appreciated. By the way, on another forum, someone asked if you could see the problem in "Print Preview" and if not, then it was probably just a display problem which would mean that I need to update the display driver. When it happened, I checked and you cannot see it in Print Preview and I had our Tech guy update all of the drivers. It continues to happen. Help?
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