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Want to be molested? TSA aiport security at your service


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The new body scan machines are now in effect for air travelers in the United States and U.K. They emit radiation to scan your body beneath your clothes, and there is no scientific evidence that they may not lead to long term health problems.


If you refuse to use the body scanner, that is where the groping comes in. I'd rather not get into the details - but lets just say that most people wouldn't even let their doctors touch them like that. Not even kids are safe, there is a video of a 3 yr old going through the process even against her will.





Full story: http://www.networkworld.com/community/b ... ll-have-yo

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Alexa.... sorry.... But I thought you were smarter then this. If you knew what you were talking about, then you would also know that you can file a complaint if you arent happy with the search that people perform on you if you decline to use the scans and that it will always be done in a non-public place with multiple officers at hand. If something would go wrong, it wont be "you against the officer". And it is your legal right to refuse the scans. Ofc. But for safety reasons you are still being searched if there is any reason to. You are not being searched without any reason.


So its not like "use the scans or get mollested". That way of thinking is just fucked up. And I dont have any clue why you are scaring people like this. Pat-downs have long been one of the many security measures used by the US and other countries. The only difference now is that you have a choice. Go through the scans or get a pat-down. Its just the fact that people arent that familiar with the extended pat-down and what people dont know, scares them.


But thats just my two cents. If im wrong, correct me.

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but personally, i would rather they do a scan of people like this then let someone blow up an airplane full of inocent people.


These days we live in suck but.... that's just the way it is I guess.


That being said, I'm not a hot chick so I'm pretty sure if someone checks me out, it won't be groping for sure since neither of us will be enjoying the "rub down". ;)

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I find it interesting. I guess the answer is just to get my pilot's license and fly myself everywhere in one of these!

The Moller Skycar!


Max Passengers: 4

Max Speed: 350 mph

Max Range before refuel: 750 miles

720 Horsepower

Landing/Takeoff strip required: 35 feet

Vertical takeoff capable


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...The only difference now is that you have a choice. Go through the scans or get a pat-down...


There is a choice, but it really isn't like you think. There is no regulation or standard that TSA agents have to follow form airport-to-airport, they are basically told "Feel as much as you think is enough and wherever you want to" and then off they go. Additionally the Body Scanners would be ideal for most people, but even if you get a body scan it does not guarantee you won't ALSO receive a rub down. People with hip joints, knee implants, etc... = mandatory rub down. Again, there is no real regulation for "suspicion" of a body-scan. After scanning you they can give you a rub down if they suspect "something suspicious," "didn't scan successfully," or if they plain feel like it. If it was an uncommon event it wouldn't be a big deal, but they rub down A LOT of people. Read today on Yahoo about a man with a urinary tract medical condition who had his artificial bladder ruptured by a TSA agent.

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Guest robertsamual

Hmmm that is funny but at the same time embarrassing also especially for shy people (for example- myself). That means, if you have planned to move or travel somewhere then there are two things to be be concerned about. One is your moving luggage and another is this security scan. :mrgreen::roll:

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