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  1. Hi @Beckylouwho - Is this all happening inside Windows Explorer? Have you played around with the View Tab? Perhaps set it to Large Icons, extra large icons etc...?
  2. When addiction is involved with no support from family/friends, my experience is that it's just a matter of time... sad story but not a surprise.
  3. 3x earnings is typical however, it all depends on annual growth. Are you growing or shrinking?
  4. shockersh


    What exactly are you trying to do? Are you getting this error on your mobile or on a website? Have you gone to and tried to login? Any error messages?
  5. FWIW, I just had a conversation via chat with Amazon. They wouldn't give me a price change refund however, they instead told me to return the item and just repurchase it at the lower price. I have to say, it's a hassle but $22 is $22....
  6. What is it telling you? Any error messages? Can you see that it's linked in the Echo App?
  7. Great computer for the kids I found over at Office depot -- ... ider1-Home $169 bucks for a Lenovo® H30 Slim Tower Desktop Computer With AMD E1 Processor, Windows® 10 It's AMD so it's not going to be a speed demon however, it's probably better than a chomebook if you already have a mouse, keyboard and monitor.
  8. So I installed it and honestly, I don't know what all the drama was about. Going through the install it asked me about what i wanted to share with Microsoft, ads etc... I just checked the "Hell No" radio buttons on each option. Why are people freaking out anyway? I don't get it...
  9. This just helped me (AGAIN). Love how something can work for YEARS! thnx
  10. Hey man - you need to expand on this a bit. I have a lot of Apple gear now. You need to add a few more man.
  11. No - don't do it. Google is not an idiot. Just write great content, keep it updated (if it's evergreen) and remain active in your niche. Traffic will come natural. If you screw around with blackhat SEO, you will get burned.
  12. Yup. Not there for me either. Sucks.
  13. Don't know about you but my Office 2016 client is updated almost daily it seems..... So no, I've been unable to find exactly where the hell the release note are or change log. @MICROSOFT!!!!! HELLO!!!
  14. Go Here - You should be able to track down your Laptop model type and download the BIOS Firmware update. I don't know about Toshiba but somethings they have you build a Boot Disk from and flash the BIOS. This is where I would start and go down this path.
  15. I've always liked iSkin cases - ... 1364706521 They are always very nice and reasonable. Just make sure you get a good screen protector to go with it.
  16. Well, the 5 has LTE and it's a great phone. I would just go for the 5 at this point. It is full LTE so you should be golden. Then again, being that the 5 has been out for months, you might want to hold off and get the 5S or 6. Should be "almost" there at this point and the LTE is way way better than just normal 4G.
  17. Well, you need to go into Task Manager and see what exactly is using the CPU. Perhaps it's just normal operation based on what you are doing. Then again, it could also be a virus or other software you need to nuke. Either way, just go into taskmanager and see what is using all that CPU and go from there. Do you know how to use task manager on Windows 7 or 8?
  18. Hey guys -- really loved the last few episodes of the show. Really great stuff. Keep it up!
  19. I'm hosting several sites, phpbb forums and wordpress blogs for work and play. I've been looking at Cloudflare for protection of the site and to speed it up. Steve -- I see you just moved your forum to a subdomain and now you're using cloudflare. Would love to hear what you think of it as I'm thinking the same thing. Are you going to use it on all your sites or just your forum? Overall, what do you think for Cloudflare? First impressions?
  20. I own way way too many.... I see a name and I buy it. (sigh)....
  21. So that SPAM report was for 2010. Would love to see a current graph.
  22. I'm going to say... the beach? Great shot of rocks btw..... that was the best thing you could do AT THE BEACH!!! hehehe
  23. I can't really see what you are talking about... Can you take another picture and show us what you mean?