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  1. Crud... I figured out the problem. It's a 64-bit version of Office, and somehow I installed a 32bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Now I need to reinstall Windows 7 as 64-bit, I wonder why the heck it didn't do that automatically. It's definitely a 64-bit system.
  2. I'm trying to install ProfessionalPlus on my desktop. I just installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Ultimate on it so there aren't any custom modifications I made that could mess things up. Windows 7 does dual boot alongside Server 2008 though. The installation file is a 700MB+ .exe - it starts out normal, and starts extracting the installation package. But then it just disappears once the extraction finishes, and I can't find any extracted files anywhere either. I've tried it multiple times and using two different ProfessionalPlus.exe installation files (these are the official digitally distributed ones from Microsoft). I can understand that the files could be corrupted, but it installs just fine on my Windows 7 Home Edition laptop. Any ideas anyone? I've Googled and Googled and Googled for a solution and found nothing useful. There are other people experiencing this problem they haven't been able to solve it either.
  3. A week or two ago Microsoft updated the Bing Travel Planner. Unfortunately it is still just a independent browser that launches from Outlook. It is really slow, and it doesn't do anything the website can't do already. In fact, the website is miles ahead of it. I'm really not sure what Microsoft has planned for this little project of theirs.
  4. Alexa

    Favorite Flash Games

    I really like the original Punk-O-Matic Punk-O-Matic 2 is also pretty good, but much more complicated - for the the musically inclined. Hmm what else... Here's are a few good ones: Kitten Cannon
  5. Alexa

    Glee App - Free via Glamour App

    Glamour Magazine is giving away 100,000 codes to get the Glee App for free. For iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc..) Instructions: Install the Glamour Magazine (Free) App: In the Glamour app, at the bottom Tap New Posts. Then Tap Get your free Glee . The Appstore will launch and you will have to press continue and sign-in. Glee will automatically start downloading for free and the code will automatically be entered for you. The Glee App is based on the hit show. It is a voice mixer, you sing into your iPhone, iPad, iPod and then it fixes your voice to make it sound fantastic. Sometimes it auto-tunes, but not always. Preview here:
  6. Alexa

    Glee App - Free via Glamour App

    Hey, I like this show
  7. Alexa

    Groovy Windows 7 Backgrounds

    Here are my favorite wallpapers / backgrounds. I know there are only 3, I have more if people like these ones.
  8. Alexa

    Desktop gadgets disappear

    It sounds like your 64bit sidebar executable was corrupted, you'll need to replace it with a new one. This is located at C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe You can get a new copy of this file from the Windows 7 disk, or you can ask someone for one. I'll upload mine if you need me to.
  9. That is pretty strange, have you tried setting up Outlook to automatically send/receive regularly: ... -interval/ Or are you on an exchange account? It could be something wrong with the exchange server.
  10. Alexa


    IfFound is a great app that has helped me out quite a bit in the past, and recently. I've lost my iPhone several times and every time someone has returned it because I had this on the lock-screen wallpaper. I think the worst was in a grocery store, it fell out of my pocket in the restroom and I didn't even realize it. Later in the day I get a call voicemail-email from Google Voice. It was the store saying that it was found in the restroom and that I can come pick it up. That really made my day. They knew what number to call and how to contact me after finding my phone. I think just having a personal touch of contact information on the front of your phone also makes people less likely to steal it and take it home themselves, it makes it personable. Rather than "finders keepers," it makes you consciously not return it to the rightful owner. Not many people are that out-right despicable when it comes down to it. Having a password to open the phone helps out a bit too =) Works on iPod Touch and iPad too. I think there is both a FREE and PAID version of this app. I have the paid version, but I downloaded it while it was still free.
  11. This kind of goes along the lines of that last image I posted about the Glass always being completely full. This is more like a "Grass is ALWAYS greener" type of thing for when you are standing in line at Costco or some other place notorious for long lines. PS. Thanks Trollercrusher for the added input on the full glass thread. [flash=620,460]
  12. The new body scan machines are now in effect for air travelers in the United States and U.K. They emit radiation to scan your body beneath your clothes, and there is no scientific evidence that they may not lead to long term health problems. If you refuse to use the body scanner, that is where the groping comes in. I'd rather not get into the details - but lets just say that most people wouldn't even let their doctors touch them like that. Not even kids are safe, there is a video of a 3 yr old going through the process even against her will. Full story: ... ll-have-yo
  13. There is a choice, but it really isn't like you think. There is no regulation or standard that TSA agents have to follow form airport-to-airport, they are basically told "Feel as much as you think is enough and wherever you want to" and then off they go. Additionally the Body Scanners would be ideal for most people, but even if you get a body scan it does not guarantee you won't ALSO receive a rub down. People with hip joints, knee implants, etc... = mandatory rub down. Again, there is no real regulation for "suspicion" of a body-scan. After scanning you they can give you a rub down if they suspect "something suspicious," "didn't scan successfully," or if they plain feel like it. If it was an uncommon event it wouldn't be a big deal, but they rub down A LOT of people. Read today on Yahoo about a man with a urinary tract medical condition who had his artificial bladder ruptured by a TSA agent.
  14. Now you can always be optimistic, for the glass is always completely full. And here I thought being half-full was a good thing... Made by Selin Jessa
  15. Alexa

    10 Important Photography Laws

    When you take pictures, or use pictures taken by people, you really ought to know what the laws are regarding copyright and possible infringement. Here's 10 basic photography laws that are commonly misconceived. You'll have to read the article kind of backwards, the bold list titles are FALSE and then it is explained why beneath each one. Overall it's a strange way to write, but then again a Lawyer wrote it. See them: ... scape.aspx Only applies to U.S.A. copyright laws.
  16. San Francisco has passed a new health ordinance that requires any food "including a toy prize" to meet specific nutritional requirements. The requirements are as follows: • Maximum of 600 calories for the meal • Less than 35 percent of the calories can come from fat (nuts, nut butters, low-fat cheese excepted) • It's required to have a half cup of vegetables • Breakfast meals are required to have a half cup of fruit • Sodium limits • A multigrain requirement What Mcdonalds could do is just take the toy out and continue selling the Happy Meal, but it isn't very "happy" without the toy now is it? At least now kids in San Francisco won't think it's fun to get fat. Source: ... _ban_w.php
  17. Alexa

    San Francisco Has Banned Happy Meals

    Yup, but of course in common U.S. society it is tradition to solve the symptoms of a problem, and not the problem itself. Unfortunately we do not live in a society based upon principles. Rather than educating parents on proper nutrition, the government feels it is easier to blame the company selling an unhealthy product. Of course, McDonalds is still horrible for marketing unhealthy meals like these specifically towards children.
  18. Valpak automatically delivers to my house, I even asked them to!
  19. How accurate do you think this is?
  20. I installed it and gave it a try, works great. It tracks every URL that the computer visits and allows you to put limitations on programs and block URL's as well. You can even view the logs remotely.
  21. Couldn't you just use the *73 trick and dial the number like other phones on AT&T have to do?
  22. Alexa

    It's now cool to be a geek

    Where's the GIRL geeks? I thought there would be at least one on there.
  23. A 9 year Old in a school near London writes a letter to Captain Jack Sparrow asking for help with a mutiny against her teachers. Johnny Depp, who is filming at a site nearby, shows up in full costume and surprises the entire school. It was really cool that he did that. There's a lesson here! Tell your kids to write to famous people and ask them for stuff! Video link at the bottom. Video:
  24. For Images, nothing beats
  25. Alexa

    Windows losing focus

    Just talked to my friend. No wonder it looked familiar, I think this is the result of malware. Check this report: ... 07086cae0e In summary it's a stealth infection, similar to a rootkit. Once it is on your system it pulls specified code from multiple "safe" sites in order to look normal. Sometimes a pop-up will appear, but because the URL is safe most people don't know it. This is also relatively new I think. Here are some of the URL's it pulls data from: If I'm correct, getting rid of it isn't going to be fun.