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  1. This is a silly question from me, but does anyone know the Windows shortcut keys for locking your computer and other system tasks when using virtual windows 7 through a remote desktop session? The windows key doesn't seem to re-act the same way.
  2. I noticed every once and a while a spammer will make it onto groovyPost. I propose the use of this state-of-the-art captcha system to keep them at bay. Details here:
  3. I run a few sites and I'm looking at my google analytics and honestly it just looks like a bunch of gibberish to me. I've figured out what most of it meant but I still don't get this whole "bounce rate" thing. It says bounce rate and then underneath it says exit rate, Google makes it look like they are the same thing but at the same time a different thing. I wonder if they picked up this term from urban neighborhood schools because the teenagers where I live always say they are going to "bounce outta here" when they are about to leave. Any experienced "bouncers" in here that might be able to help me out?
  4. goLfie

    What Games Do You Play Right Now?

    Just wondering what everyone is enjoying right now. Personally I haven't had much time to play games lately. The latest game I played was Starcrat 2 but that was several weeks ago. Although, I do plan on playing some Wii tonight at a friends house. New Super Mario Bros. Ftw!
  5. Sears has the Kyocera Kona pre-paid cell phone for only $5. This is down from its typical price of $20. This is a very cheap cell phone. Great for kids and great for anyone that loses their cell phone often and doesn't need smartphone features. It's basic. Link: ... 830x000545
  6. The brand new Roku 3 streaming device is on sale for 10% off at Normally $99. Currently $86. Link: ... postcom-20
  7. From the article: ... e-ballmer/ How stupid is this move? Has Microsoft gone off the deep end? How many more billions will they throw away on the sinking ship that is Windows Phone. The whole thing needs a rebrand or Microsoft needs to bring it together like the planned Ubuntu phone was going to. If I can use my Phone like I use my desktop I would pick up Windows Phone today, but they aren't doing that. Instead they are buying Nokia? What the heck kind of a waste is that?
  8. goLfie

    O&O Defrag 10 Pro - FREE!!

    O&O Software is giving away O&O Defragmenter 10 Professional Keys Away For Free! Link: ... uterswiat/ Sign up at the link above and they should e-mail you a key shortly. Then Download it from here: ... efrag10pro Price: Free I love O&O - My favorite defragger. My only complaint is that it's screensaver is kind of a resource hog - Otherwise it's awesome. Remember: NEVER DEFRAG A SOLID STATE HARDDISK! (SSD)
  9. goLfie

    Google TV

    Thanks for the heads up on the Google TV thing, I'm checking out some of the launch coverage regarding the Logtitech revue device. Here's the look of the new Logitech Revue Google TV controller that comes with it. There is also a larger version, you see it underneath in the image - the bigger one looks like a keyboard. They are also making a video camera. Pricing: 720p Video Camera for Video Calls From Living Room - $149 Mini Controller - $129 Large Keyboard Controller - included
  10. goLfie

    Hey Everyone - Exec Ed

    Hi! Love your work!
  11. goLfie

    Chrome: I love it.

    Chrome has plenty of add-ons as well, have you seen the: Chrome webstore extension gallery? []
  12. Target is doing a deal where if you spend $50 in-store you get a $10 gift card. IN-STORE ONLY! Must present this printable coupon in order to redeem at the register: Link Works for buying the Kindle gift card! The Kindle card is the same thing as a regular Amazon gift card. It is in the electronics section of the store near the Kindle display. Limit is 1 per transaction. Does not work on other gift cards.
  13. has the HTC EVO View Android 4G Tablet With 7" Touchscreen, 1.5GHz Processor, 32GB Memory & Bluetooth on sale. Normally goes for $300 on ebay. $400 at normal online retailers.- Link Price: $230 Shipping: $5 Total: $235
  14. has Duke Nukem Forever for the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 on sale at $5. Includes free shipping or in-store pick up. Link
  15. goLfie

    The World Imported to Minecraft

    It's 100% to scale. Includes rivers, cities, and landmarks. Download it here: ... ted-final/
  16. The one thing I love about the Apple appstore is how often apps go on "sale." The great thing is, if you "buy" them while they are free you get to keep them forever, even if the price goes back up to a bajillion dollars. All of these apps are currently 100% FREE in the Apple iOS AppStore (Was $19.99) ToDo+Cal+GroceryLists -Holy Price Drop OMGBBQSAUCE Batman, awesome task management app, tons of 4-5 star reviews. ... 81440?mt=8 (Was $0.99) Spin & Win - Decent Game. (Was $0.99) iPianoRoll (iPad-only) - Awesome reviews, it basically teaches you to play the piano using muscle memory. (Was $1.99) Stickery Kingdom - Preschool Math & Literacy app that is fun and addicting but also preps kids for kindergarten and first grade, it's a win-win scenario. If you trust your toddler with your iPad or iPhone that is... ... 51789?mt=8 (Was $0.99) Fairy Tales Puzzles for Kids HD -funny jigsaw puzzles for kids. h ... 92145?mt=8
  17. goLfie

    Greatest Gaming Commercial I've Ever Seen

    btw, the ad wasn't created by Sony - just for them. Deutsch Inc (A german ad company) made it. Some easter eggs: "The writing above the door at 25s says 'Vivat Ludos Longe,' which is Latin for 'Long Live Play.'" Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream Truck Metal Gear Mk.II (Metal Gear Solid 4) Parappa the Rapper Game currencies, orbs from Little Big Planet Weapons: Lightning's sword (FF13), Omniwrench (Ratchet & Clank) and presumably some guns from Resistance series (Auger ?), hoping to see plasma cutter in it Who is he ? Nathan Drake (Uncharted 3) and Lightning (Final Fantasy 13) Isaac Clarke (Dead Space), Agent 47 (Hitman), Ghost (Modern Warfare 2), Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) Cole MacGrath (Infamous 2) Joe Mauer (MLB the Show) Old Snake (Metal Gear Solid 4) Chell (Portal 2) Sackboy (Little Big Planet) Kratos (God of War), Athena (God of War), Helghast trooper (Killzone), hidden PS Logo Paul Phoenix (Tekken) Little Sister (Bioshock) Ezio Auditore (Assassin's Creed) and Ratchet(Ratchet & Clank) Rico Velasquez (Killzone) Hybrid Chimera (Resistance) Who is this guy again ?
  18. How do I do this? (note site is in russian but the pictures speak for themselves) ... -foto.html
  19. goLfie

    6' HDMI Cables, 3 Cable Pack - $8

    6 Feet HDMI Cable v1.3 Male to Male Digital A/V Cable, 30 AWG Cable, Gold Plated Connectors, Category 2 Certified, Support 1080P True HD Resolution - from Price: $7.99 normally $10.99 Shipping: FREE Not a bad deal on some decent hdmi cables. Not brand name but they work as well as most $40 cables out there. Meritline isn't my favorite distributor because they take FOREVER to ship, but it's free shipping and you get what you pay for!
  20. Get 80% All restaraunt gift cards. from Use coupon code: ENTREE Get a $25 gift card for $2, etc...
  21. If you have an Android phone you can download the .apk ahead of time and install it early. download link: ... 655&page=3
  22. I'm trying to setup VirtualBox so I can add standalone network printer to it. I also need to set up RDP so I can access VirtualBox from my laptop. The VM VirtualBox is running is Windows 7 Ultimate. The host it is on is Windows 7 ultimate.
  23. goLfie

    Windows 2008 Server & Novell

    It's probably because of a setting in Windows Sever 2008. Hard for me to tell without looking at it though or knowing the path.
  24. All4Cellular is doing a 1-day only sale. Ends in 8 hours. ... d-mic.html Was: $29.99 Now: $2.99 Use coupon code NEXTTIME5 to get 5% off on top of that. Shipping: $2.00 Total = $4.84 - or buy 2 for only $7.68