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    Desktop gadgets disappear

    Hello, Im very font of several gadgets. I have one for my battery (I use a Toshiba l555-t10 laptop), one for cpu usage, one for my drives (also showing my skydrive and ds-110j network disk) and one for my wifi. But i also have one for Windows Media Player. But that one (and also one for Deamon Tools) keep disappearing after switching between programs of just simpel switching tabs in Firefox. When i return tot destop, i first have to either restart the sidebar or add the gadget again to get acces to it. But in the meantime the gadget keeps on doing it work, like playing music on the WMP gadget. How can I solve this problem? Bytheway, its only happening when i use the "showdesktopbuttonthingy in the lower right of the screen, next to the clock.
  2. Im going to make a day long trip through the country with 7 stops. As I always use Google Maps for my directions, I would like to use it on this trip too. How can I plan a trip in Google Maps with multiple adresses where I have appointments so Maps makes it one long trip? Is this possible? Or do I have to plan every trip seperately between appointments?
  3. Some time ago Jane Wells did a presentation on In that presentation she showed a way to get a gallery in a post with just one column. Thats not hard to get, but she also showed a way to make all the pictures show up in big size, not thumbs. In that same video she showed what line of code has to be added in the editor. And here is my problem: 1: I cant find the video; 2: I have no idea what line of code has to be added. Anyone has an idea?
  4. Beyond_Life

    Getting a single column with full sized images.

    Im sorry but your link has got nothing to do with my question.
  5. That works!!! Thank you!! Do you also know how I can transport a route ive created on my desktop Maps, to my mobile?
  6. Ive installed MAILBOX after getting a message from Dropbox that hooking Dropbox up to Mailbox would get me a gig of space. And Im always in front of the row for extra free space. But after installing it on my iPad, and trying to get Gmail into Mailbox, i get the message: "Mailbox needs acces to your IMAP folders in order to sync your data. Please enable your AllMail, Sent, Trash and [Mailbox] folders in Gmail settings and try again". When I check my settings in Gmail (which only is possible on my laptop apparently) ive notice that everything is allready as it should be. Pop is enabledIMAP is enabledWith deleting, auto-expunge is onNo Folder size limits And thats all the info in Gmail Settings for IMAP. Am I missing something? What do I have to do to get Mailbox set up and ready for my 1 gig of free space?
  7. Beyond_Life

    How to setup MAILBOX app for iOS with Gmail.

    Found it. Go to Gmail on a desktop Go to Labels Check "AllMail", "Trash" "Sent" and the rest you want is on "show" Go to the MailBox app Log in. Go to Settings Set up Dropbox Tataaaa 1 gig extra for space in your Dropbox. Done.
  8. I shoot raw with my 6D and edit everything in LR4. And Ive noticed that LR4 never ever applies lenscorrections. Only if I hit that specific checkbox. How can I make LR4 do that automaticly during upload? Is that even possible?
  9. Thank you DW96! You just save me a lot of trouble
  10. I've just noticed that there is a 1.1.3 firmware update available for my 6D. But apparently the 1.1.2 update is needed to get it installed. My 6D is still at 1.0.9. And I cant find the 1.0.2. firmware anywhere. Canon is not answering after several requests. Who can provide me a legit download link? Is there even a downloadlink for the 1.1.2? I can't find it on the Canon site.
  11. Beyond_Life

    Where can I find the Canon 6D 1.1.2 firmware update?

    Ive found the answer to my own question The 1.1.2 is hidden within the 1.1.3 update, a Canon rep told me. So if people are still wanting to update there 6D from 1.0.9 tot 1.1.3, just download the 1.1.3 firmware. Installing the 1.1.2 firmware before being able to update to 1.1.3 is no longer needed.
  12. Beyond_Life

    how to get rid of preloaded apps on galaxy 4s

    Here is a link on how to remove bloatware from your S4:
  13. What does this mean? (Found in the small print with registring Canon 1907 Beta) Canon will only use your content for the purposes of providing you with the Project1709 Services in order to present you with your content in the best possible way. To do this, you grant Canon permission as follows: when you upload or submit any content to our Services, you grant Canon and those we may work with to provide Project1709, a non-exclusive, worldwide right and license to freely use, host, store, reproduce, publish, modify, create derivative works and edit your content solely for purpose of providing you with the Project1709 Services. These rights that you grant shall be free of charge, perpetual and capable of sub-license. Canon and those we may work with can exercise all rights in the content in all jurisdictions to the full extent for the full period for which any such rights exist. This license may continue even if you do not use the Services but may be revoked when you delete content or your account (unless such content has been shared with others within Project1709).
  14. What do you mean with your question?
  15. Im using LR4 with great succes. I love it. But I would like to be able to see the history of what I have done to my files. Is there a way to check this? And if I can pull this history, can I then remove a single or multiple steps from it, instead of using ctrl-z over and over again?
  16. Beyond_Life

    How to see the history of changes in Lightroom 4?

    Omg thank you!! I totally overlooked that history panel because I always have that side filled up with presets. Thank you!
  17. I use to post my articles from Wordpress to Twitter. But I cant use to do the same with Google+. Or am I missing something? Is there any other better way to do this? ps: I dont want to post on Facebook, because I dont have facebook. Facebook sucks.
  18. Beyond_Life

    How to post articles in Wordpress automaticly to G+?

    Ive found the answer to my own question. And it will cost me money..... I use to post to twitter and facebook. And since a few months you have the ability to let it post to G+ also. But you will have to pay for it. And Im not willing to do that. So to bad.
  19. Beyond_Life

    Wordpress anyone?

    Maybe a bit to easy, but why dont you find yourself a theme that fits your needs? It will take you some searching (took me more then a few months to find what I wanted for but it will be more then worth it. And if you cant get what you want, find the developer and ask him nicely if he can change what you would like to have. Ive did this before and it worked out great. And if you are using a selfhosted wordpress, just create yourself a child theme, load it up, and start playing around. Its like adding layers in PS. You dont screw up the original, but a layer, so you can try anything you want. If it doesnt work, delete the child theme and you are back at the start.
  20. I own an HTC One X from 2012. Not the new one but Im guessing all HTC phones have this problem. I use Google to store my contacts, like every sane person. And in my phone I can select accounts to be shown in the contacts, like facebook, Twitter LinkedIn etc etc. And phone tells me there are contacts that he can hook up together when he finds a contact in my Google account that is also in my Linkedin. But when I factory reset my phone, this proces happends all over again. My question is: How can I make those connections permanent so they get stored in my Google Contacts?
  21. Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to add gallerys to my wordpress pages with pictures ive got in my Public folder in my Dropbox, instead of adding picture by picture tot a page and hosting them with my provider.
  22. A few days ago I got an email from my provider that my disksspace for my blog reached its limit. And when I asked him what caused this, he told me I have been posting full sized images, instead of resized ones. So, big lesson for me: "Start resizing before posting/blogging". On my laptop at home, and on my xp machine at work, this isnt a problem. But I am also a heavy "Wordpress for Android" user. So the question is, how do I resize an image to at least 50% of the original quality on my Android?
  23. Im a frequent Picasa webalbums user. I have several albums online. Most of the pictures in there are bigger then 800kb So they use a lot of my online storage space. Can I open Picasa, select those albums that are online and resize them all at once (or per album)so that that the pictures dont count for my online storage space?
  24. Im clueless.... Ive tried everything but it seems Im not able to resize an image to a specific size like 1000x288 pixels. How do I do this? With something simple like paint?
  25. I recently bought a Canon 6D. And trust me, it rocks. But when I put the sd in my laptop, it shows only the .jpegs in a little preview,the raw files arent shown, other then the file name and a standard Windows Explorer picture. How do I get Windows to show me also the RAW pictures without clicking to open them, and also without openening a third party program like Lightroom or photoshop?