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Microsoft Kinect Needs 6 Feet Of Space To Work

Guest Animis

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So I was going to purchase a Microsoft Kinect until I read the requirements. According to Microsoft, it needs 6 feet of space to function properly. That is a lot more than you think when you actually bust out the measuring tape. I mean, for most people I think it hits right where their coffee table is. Luckily, my coffee table is sturdy so I can just play standing on it. 8)


Here's some typical living rooms... I think the coffee table is going to be a problem, maybe Xbox users will have to trade in their coffee tables?






Anyone else see a problem with this?

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Well, when I was playing with my Wii Fit, we had to move things around. But I think this is normal. Even when playing Wii baseball we had to move the coffee table out of the way.


So yeah, I think the bigger problem is for those kids who have an xbox 360 in their room. Probably not enough space.

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Nah.... I barely have time to surf the internet and watch 5 hours of TV every day. How would I have time to play a new game console?

I agree, who has times for games anymore? Although there is always a little room for some Friday Fun :wink:


Although I am not personally interested in owning or messing around with a Kinect, I've seen some pretty cool videos of people who have hacked them and created new tech. It goes anywhere from 3D cameras to interactive displays, pretty cool stuff you can do with the camera.

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