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  1. Really... it looks like you've cut over now to Platinum according to the source code on the site.. I take it you made the switch!
  2. Personally..... I've always used All in one SEO pack with good results. Granted, I run just a small blog with less than 2000 Uniques a day but for the keywords I target, SEO pack does well. I've honestly not seen anyone running platinum seo. Anyone see it out in the wild?
  3. Hi MrMonk. Ok I've done this so I'll explain. Please remember - this is not for the FAINT OF HEART! Step 1 - BACKUP YOUR PST Step 2 - Confirm you got a good backup (IE: Just copy your .PST file so if you break it, your not screwed) Step 3 - Download Notepad++ (looks like you already did this) Step 4 - Enable the HexEditor Plugin. To enable the HexEditor for Notepad++ do the following: A: Open Notepad++ B: Click Plugins, Plugin Manager, Show Plugin Manager C: Click Settings Button on bottom of Plugin Manager Window D: Check Box " Show unstable plugins " and Click OK E: Scroll down and Check Box " HEX-Editor " and Click Install Button At this point the Hex-Editor will install and tell you to close your Notepad++ to save the changes. Step 4 - Re-Open Notepad++ and open a COPY of the Pst file you want to corrupt Step 5 - Click the Hex button to view the file in HEX mode Hex - 7.jpg[/attachment] Step 7 - Press Spacebar 7 times. This will clear positions 7 through 13 on line 1. You will notice the space will delete the data and on the left 20's will be displayed on Address 6 - C as shown below Now, save the file and continue with the instructions from ShockerSH to repair the PST file you JUST corrupted. :)
  4. oh my god... yes this actually works! Thanks for documenting this. I did this once but couldn't find the how-to in order to repeat it again.
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