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  1. Sorry - I don't fully understand what you're talking a bout. The power supply almost always sits on the back of the computer case and from there it blows air OUT the BACK of the computer. If you put the Power Supply somewhere else... that might cause you some issues. Honestly, the case should really only allow you to install the Power Supply one way... the right way.
  2. Vadim

    Welcome TechGroove Listeners!

    honestly, I like the iTunes feed. Don't have time to watch the video podcast....
  3. Vadim

    chrome Rss services

    huh? You mean they are turning off Google Reader right?
  4. Vadim

    Best iPhone 5 Case

    iGlaze is pretty good. Solid cases which I've always liked.
  5. I've found the hosted DNS is pretty good. Allows you to manage all your DNS needs in a hosted environment so for me, the pro's are pretty strong. I have yet to have a blog break from the service's various performance settings as well -- caching, CDN, minify etc....
  6. I think what you meant to say was Cloudflare doesn't allow you to set a policy at this time for SUB domains. In other words, if you have a few subdomains like or, they will all get the same policy from a security, caching, and blocking standpoint. I really like the service but yeah, you need to know what you are doing. I enable it for most of the blogs I build for people. It's simple and free and provides pretty good services.
  7. The iphone makes it easy to forward calls home! I love it! I just ran accross this after playing with it for an hour so I figured I would share! Anyway, let's say you go home and dont want to keep you phone in your pocket. Easy solution, just setup the iphone to forward all calls to your home phone number. Goto - Settings -> Phone -> Call Forwarding -> Click On -> Enter Phone # to forward calls to. Update: Looks like mrgroove wrote a full how-to for this. How To Forward Calls to Another Number From an iPhone: ... an-iphone/ I found it a few days ago and i've been using it ever since. Helps cause now I can just throw the phone in my laptop bag and not worry about missing a call. Hope you guys enjoy my first "Groovy How-To".
  8. Just saw the link in the DEALS forum about Apple TV.... deals-f80/new-price-for-the-apple-tv-160gb-t95700.html#p96402 Does anyone actually use it? Is it as closed up and expensive as the iPhone and iTunes?
  9. Vadim

    Shogun Total War 2

    Is BF2 a solo game you play by yourself or is it online?
  10. Make sure you flash your air card and have the carrier upgrade your service on the backend as well for 4G. I found that although i went 4G, Sprint still had me programed to 3G and I needed to flash my phone to get it 4G capable.
  11. Vadim

    Apache help

    go unzip apache from a clean zip file and just replace the files. or copy the folder from a friends PC next to you.
  12. Vadim

    Shared folder in Dropbox

    Let me know what happens. I think even tho you created the folder, if she is SYNC'ing it, it will count against her quota as well. The only solution is to make it a public gallery PUBLIC\PHOTOS\ then share her the photogallery link. Then she is just looking at the gallery and not actually sync'ing the photos.
  13. Vadim

    Connecting a Printer to VirtualBox

    So what is your problem? Will the printer not work?
  14. Vadim

    WiFi signal to weak

    You know, there are routers out there you can buy that act as Wifi Repeaters, they take the signal and amplify it again. I did that in one of my old houses. I bout 3 wifi repeaters and broadcast the signal all around my 3200 sqft house. It worked out really nice. Granted, perhaps that explains why I have a twitch in my left eye now.....
  15. Will the new zelda only be available on the 3DS platform? Not Wii?
  16. Vadim

    Chrome: I love it.

    Have you tried out Firefox 4 yet? Still prefer Chrome?
  17. Thanks for the tip Paul - I'll tell ya what. Looking at all the crashing issues of Outlook 2010, Microsoft needs to be a much better job of Failing OPEN rather than Failing closed and hard crashing. What the hell.... They need some better error logging and graceful error handling.
  18. Thanks for the info FtWorthRider. And yes, Harleys do rule
  19. Hey you know what, Microsoft needs to be aware that if they release crap that won't work, they risk losing people to the competition. Looks like that is true in your case.
  20. Welcome! Oh my... That sucks. Are you still having the issues? I've been an IT guy for a long time - What exactly is the MS Postoffice? Your not using Exchange? If your using Outlook 2010 and you install Adobe PDF reader, you should be able to just Click the attachment (.pdf) and it should come up in the Outlook preview window. Does this not work for you?
  21. Vadim

    Internet Explorer 9

    Yup Yup and here's that uninstall link from the main site - ... er-9-beta/
  22. Vadim

    Internet Explorer 9

    Some people are saying they like IE9 however when I installed it I had a few issues. Personally I'm going to wait a few months until all the bugs are worked out. That's what I always do however. Try it out if ya like then if you don't like it, blow it away and try to uninstall it.
  23. Vadim

    iTunes alternative for iPhones ?

    Media monkey is pretty good. More features to manage your collection IMOP.
  24. A few things I forgot to mention. 1 - First thing I would do after checking the manual is I would flash the bios to make sure your running the latest on your motherboard 2 - Boot into the bios using the old CPU and reset everything back to default. 3 - Now throw the old CPU back in. Any luck?
  25. Your best bet is to go read your manual on your motherboard and find out what 3 lout beeps mean. There should be a code for it. My guess is you either have a voltage issue or CPU support problem. I've never had good experiences with AsRock (Asus budget motherboard) however that doesn't mean much these days (my opinion that is).