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Windows losing focus


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Since a few days all of my open programms start to lose there focus for some reason. Sometimes nothing appears but 99 of the 100 times a message appears with some sort of script error. Ive noticed that the error starts every time with http://error.wlxs.com.....slash....dot.....numbers.


Ive allready googled the link and it appears to be Windows Live. It brings me to my own Hotmail account. But I have no clue why I keep getting that error message. When I get it... because im not getting it atm. Right.... always when you dont need it, its there, but when you dont need it, it doest appear!! Crap :P

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I haven't heard of that one before, that server is owned by Microsoft though so I don't think it is a virus.

When does this happen?



Update: From what I could find this error has something to do with Hotmail. I'd try uninstalling Windows Live Essentials and anything else that has the ability to login to Hotmail.

Then track when/if it still does it.

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FFS... Problem not solved. I keep getting that stupid pop-up. And when that popup doesnt appear I still keep hearing that "something is being clicked" sound. Its driving me crazy because the pop-up causes windows to lose focus. And thats realy f*cked up when im gaming. In the heat of a battle in Battlefield standing still sucks.

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Just talked to my friend. No wonder it looked familiar, I think this is the result of malware.

Check this report: http://www.threatexpert.com/report.aspx ... 07086cae0e


In summary it's a stealth infection, similar to a rootkit.

Once it is on your system it pulls specified code from multiple "safe" sites in order to look normal. Sometimes a pop-up will appear, but because the URL is safe most people don't know it. This is also relatively new I think.

Here are some of the URL's it pulls data from:



If I'm correct, getting rid of it isn't going to be fun.

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There are some viruses that are rare and new enough that they haven't been added to the virus definitions of antivirus software.


This is a weird one for sure, I'm still not sure it's a virus but I can't think of anything else that would be causing this.

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