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Silverlight not compatible w/ Internet Explorer x64 (64-bit)

Steve Krause

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No joy if your trying to run the new Bing Maps BETA on IE x64.... Just read the new post from grooveDexter (nice post btw) and this is what you get if you try view the new beta using a 64-bit version of IE




Really? Are you kidding me? Why on earth would Microsoft not suppot Silverlight on Internet Explorer x64?

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Well I'm going to reserve judgment on IE with this one issue but, it does seem a bit odd that Microsoft would release a version of their own browser that does not support their supposedly flask killer....


Don't get me wrong, I like silverlight and I hope that it does kill Flash. Adobe is just virus infected crapware that just cant seem to get a handle on security exploits. GO Silverlight (or any other flash killer out there).

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true true true... Everytime a windows pc get's hacked, it's usually because of an adobe application LOL


While the exact details of the exploit are unavailable, what is known is that Macaulay won the Vista laptop after an updated version of Adobe Flash was installed.


"The new Adobe Flash 0day vulnerability that Shane exploited has been acquired by the Zero Day Initiative, and has been responsibly disclosed to Adobe who is now working on the issue. Until Adobe releases a patch for this issue, neither we nor the contestants will be giving out any additional information about the vulnerability,” TippingPoint said on their blog.


Read more: http://is.gd/5N3tI


Gotta love it!

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Guest r0ckteacher

Most of you guys are not making any sense. For example one guys keeps saying to use Firefox because IE 64 bit doesn't work. IE 32 bit works and Firefox is 32 bit.


Here's the correct answer. 32 bit plugins don't work in 64 bit broswers. Microsoft needs to make a 64 bit version of silverlight.


Yes it is stupid that they don't have that, but running Firefox 32 bit is not the solution.

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