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I'm assuming you like your Ask toolbar or you'd just uninstall the whole thing... but you don't want it checking for updates at regular intervals? All you really need to do is stop the scheduled task.

Assuming you're running Windows 7? Go to the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler.

In the Task Scheduler Library on the left, you should be able to find Ask toolbar (apps are grouped by publisher and I don't know if that will show up as Ask or something else). Once you find it, click on it to have it show in center window. DON'T DELETE IT! It will probably just recreate itself. Instead, you can disable it.

With Ask Toolbar Updater in middle window, click on it once to select it. Then click on Properties in the right column. In the pop-up dialog box, select the TRIGGERS tab. Click once on the trigger (weekly, monthly, daily, etc.) to select it. Then click the EDIT button at the bottom of the window.

You're almost done... Another pop-up titled Edit Trigger appears.... CLEAR THE CHECKBOX indicating ENABLED (at the bottom of the dialog box). Click OK to accept the changes and close the Edit Trigger dialog box. Click OK to close the Properties dialog box. Close the Task Scheduler.

No more annoying Ask Toolbar Updater. :)

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