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I will use it when repairing an old XP system that's completely messed up...infected, full drive, never had maintenance run on it...

It's great for that. On my own system's I use it occasionally for certain features, but not the Reg Cleaner. I prefer to clean that manually after uninstalling a program.

There is a constant debate in the tech world if Registry cleaner's even improve system performance. I think they are snake oil. You can make the argument for using them on older XP systems. But not in Vista and higher.

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I have been using CC Cleaner for about 6 years and have never had a problem with it!. I use it on my laptop, my daughters lap top, my tower, and I have recommended several friends to use it. Nobody i know has had any problems at all. It does a great job cleaning up of files and works fantastic for a registry cleaner. I trust it so much I've never done a backup when cleaning files or the registry, you can if you want to. I use a couple of reg cleaners but find CC Cleaner is all you need. I read a post that someone said it removed a few programs and screwed up their computer,trust me CC Cleaner will not do that!! All in all it's a fantastic program and the price is right............free

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