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  1. Hey matt it's a LG-P500h Android version 2.3.3 Does last post about personal ring tones make sense?? Reguarding not having caller ID on my phone. thanks
  2. I have been using CC Cleaner for about 6 years and have never had a problem with it!. I use it on my laptop, my daughters lap top, my tower, and I have recommended several friends to use it. Nobody i know has had any problems at all. It does a great job cleaning up of files and works fantastic for a registry cleaner. I trust it so much I've never done a backup when cleaning files or the registry, you can if you want to. I use a couple of reg cleaners but find CC Cleaner is all you need. I read a post that someone said it removed a few programs and screwed up their computer,trust me CC Cleaner will not do that!! All in all it's a fantastic program and the price is right............free
  3. First of all It does not make any sense why you would want to sync to 2 different computers??? If you sync from one to the other your all your doing just replacing files back and forth from 1 computer to the other WTF??? I think what you mean (Im guessing) is can you connect to 2 different computers. Yes, just make sure the option in itunes is set to "do not sync" then you can manually add photos, mp3s, apps or whatever you want to do. I connect to my lap top and tower all the time this way!
  4. I think i got this figured out. First I made a mistake, when I get a message the personal ring tones do work proper for contacts. The reason they don't work for contacts phone call is because I don't have caller ID so the phone doesn't know who calling to apply the proper ring tone.
  5. I have applied personal ring tones to certain contacts but when they call i get same ring tone for everyone same problem with messages. It shows the personal ring tone and plays proper in contacts list but wont work when they call or message??? Any ideas........thanks
  6. I just got from my carrier to see if they had an explanation and heres what they told me. The way the Android system works is that it allocates 500MB for apps and operating system and the others 1.44GB are free for pixs, videos, mp3s etc. I only have about 20 apps on phone leaving me 52MB for extra apps which isnt a hell of alot of space for apps. Kind of a @#$%*!ed up system if you ask me!! You would think that a 2GB card would be able to use the whole friggin thing as 1 storage device. Next phone will be an iphone!!!!!!!!
  7. I only have maybe 10 pixs and about 30 mp3s! i don't understand why storage space says only 52MB free when card is 1.86 GB. 467(used) plus 52(free)this equals a little over 500MB. There should be over 1.8GB free?? Thanks 4 advice guys, any other ideas??
  8. When I check my Sd card space, which is 1.86 GB it says I have 1.46 GB avaliable space. When I check SD card storage used by apps. it says 467Mb used and only 52.29MB free. Any ideas???
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