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Nickname on Google Plus not accepted


When we all got the possibility to add a nickname to our Google Plus account, i grabbed that change and added mine: Beyond_Life. Ive had that name since the first beta of Playstations Socom I. And I never left it. It always stayed.

But today I got a message from Google Plus that the nickname wasn't accepted. But it's my nickname. People find me with it online through several search engines. Whats the next step to take, to keep the nick name on my Google Plus account?

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Sorry to break the bad news, but I also wanted to change my facebook alternate name to DW96 or Darkness Warrior, but unfortunately I couldn't do so. Currently I'm using Desmond Miles as my alternate name, but I remember that a while ago I tricked facebook by using symbols in my name so that the name couldn't get detected. Here's what I mean:

What I wanted: Darkness Warrior

What I wrote: Dårknešš Wăſſıor(that's not exactly what I wrote, but the point is I was able to trick facebook)

I would suggest one of these two solutions:

A) Contact Google (by e-mail, phone, Google help etc.) and ask why the nickname wasn't accepted.

B) Try the same facebook trick, even though it is less likely to work.

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