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Found 10 results

  1. Wordpress anyone?

    Is there anyone out there who could answer a few questions about WP and how to code what and where? For example how to not have a header image on one page. Have just started using WP and most of the answers on the popular forums seem to fail.
  2. I use a selfhosted version of Wordpress on When I check my console it shows the search terms that people used and got on my site with. And every day "encrypted_search_terms" shows up. How can I figure out which search terms are use?
  3. When G+ started I tried if i could get my Wordpress posts to be posted to G+ automaticly. There wasnt a sollution. So I was wondering, is it possible these days?
  4. Last night I noticed that I had visitors on my blog that found me through StumbleUpon. Not much, just a few. But now I want to know which article was added to StumbleUpon. How can I find it?
  5. Some time ago Jane Wells did a presentation on In that presentation she showed a way to get a gallery in a post with just one column. Thats not hard to get, but she also showed a way to make all the pictures show up in big size, not thumbs. In that same video she showed what line of code has to be added in the editor. And here is my problem: 1: I cant find the video; 2: I have no idea what line of code has to be added. Anyone has an idea?
  6. Is there any wordpress plugin or any facebook app which can help me update my facebook fan page automatically as soon as their is any update on my blog?
  7. Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to add gallerys to my wordpress pages with pictures ive got in my Public folder in my Dropbox, instead of adding picture by picture tot a page and hosting them with my provider.
  8. I use to post my articles from Wordpress to Twitter. But I cant use to do the same with Google+. Or am I missing something? Is there any other better way to do this? ps: I dont want to post on Facebook, because I dont have facebook. Facebook sucks.
  9. Hello,I use Worpress. And when I visit my admin console at my work it will show me the front page of my wordpress admin console. but when i visit the admin console at home it will land at the "show-all-posts" page. How do I change that?
  10. Sorry to do this to you but, when I read the answer here: I have no idea what you mean when you say "Self-Hosted" Wordpress blog vs. blog. Aren't they the same thing?