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Syncing of messages between different GTalk apps.

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Ive got a laptop with w7 x64 and Gtalk installed. Next to that ive got a Android phone. Now, when I have Gmail open, and GTalk logged on (in Gmail) and im chatting with somebody, the messages i get back also appear on my phone. When I answer on my phone, my messages DONT appear on the laptop in Gtalk, and also dont appear in the Talk in Gmail. Thats kinda annoying if I leave my laptop for a while and contineu on my phone. Anybody got any idea if there is a sollution to get the sycning right?

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That's odd, perhaps something hanging up. My Gtalk syncs both on my phone and on my laptop. Although I don't use the app, only the gmail / G+ version. Maybe it has something to do with the actual gtalk PC app? I would uninstall that completely and use only the gmail client and see if that fixes it. Also, I noticed mine syncs much quicker if my phone is on WIFI rather than via 3g.

Hopefully they will eventually improve this to make it instant. That would be awesome! I am constantly continuing conversations on my phone to my laptop to my tablet.

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