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Outlook 2003 invalid user when replying to email

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I have a few users when they reply to one email address it comes up stating that a different email address is not valid. The invalid email is a user that is no longer employed here and has been out of the GAB for almost a year. On one machine I was able to delete the cached email address of the invalid account and they have not had the problem again but when I try it on the other machines it does not work. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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If they are using Outlook 2007, yeah - I would try to delete the nk2 file which will blow away all the cached email addresses. That's the "NUKE" option. You can also download NK2edit and go through 1 at a time and delete the cached email addresses more targeted as well and even script something.

Another problem to think about is sometimes when someone will send an email, they will put a different "REPLY-TO" address on the email so when you reply to it, it's actually being sent to a new address. Not sure if this is involved at all or not?

And thirdly, with Microsoft Exchange and Active directory, if the contact were just that - a CONTACT in the GAL vs. a real email object, it could be that contact is still sitting in AD and that will resolve to a GUID which if not cleaned out, could cause issues long term.

HOPEFULLY.... this will point you in the right direction.

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