Recovery Deleted mail for POP3 and Imap

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Hai Mr.Groove,


For ur post: ... ny-folder/


This is the very and super tip on Outlook....thanks for posting this tip....and also thanks 4 Groovypost.


but please resolve my issue....


I have pop and imap server (My mail server is using PostFix)


And the client is Outlook 2003.....


Please tell me the procedure for recovery deleted email( whether it is accidentally or delete permanently ) from outlook 2003 client and server is postfix(Linux operation system and Pop3 and imap)


Thanks in Advance


Thanks and regards

bhanu prakash

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Greetings bhanuk and welcome to groovyPost!


First, it's important to understand the recovery of email while using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange is possible because it's a feature of Microsoft Exchange IE: you can configure Exchange to retain deleted email in it's database for X days after it's been deleted from a mailbox.


Other systems like PostFix will need to have a similar feature in order to recover email from the server after it's been purged from both the Outlook Client and the Email Server.


It's also important to understand POP vs. iMAP. Typically when you connect to an email server using POP, the email is downloaded to the email client but the email remains on the email server. You can configure on the client how/when/if the email is purged on the email POP server. IMAP however is much more of a real-time sync. If you delete the email from the client, the server instantly deletes it as well.


So, with that said my first question is - what are you using? POP or IMAP to pull down the email? If you want to recover the email, hopefully your using POP and the email is still on the server.


If the email is gone off the server, then hopefully the email server has a recovery feature similar to Microsoft Exchange (however that's probably unlikely). As you can tell from most of my Articles, most of my experience is with Microsoft software so don't take my word for it. Several others who frequent the forums here will probably be able to confirm that.


So if the email is gone off the server and outlook, then your only chance is that you can recover the email from the .PST file that your Outlook client users to store the email. Outlook stores email in a database so even after you delete the email, it actually doesn't purge it from the database. This is true unless you use the "compress" feature in outlook. That will nuke all old email as it compresses the database and "defrags" it so to speak...


More information on the topics here: microsoft-office/email-dissapeared-from-my-outlook-client-how-can-i-undelete-it-t95611.html


So to pull the email from your .PST file all you need to do is try a GOOGLE search for an EMAIL RECOVERY tool which can pull email from a .PST file (sometimes called an Outlook Archive file). OR, you can just use the FREE method but corrupting the .PST file yourself with a HEX editor (notepad++ etc..) then use SCANPST.EXE to repair the file which essentially restores all the email in the database.


Keep us updated!

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And here is the link explaining how-to use a hex editor to corrupt a pst file then use scanpst.exe to recover the deleted email:




and no... those linux mailbox systems are crap and don't have undelete features like exchange.



Great write-up on the How-To. Thanks!

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Hai Mr.Grove,


First, thanks for ur valuable reply....i fell very happy....Your explanation is good and clear...


About my problem, we connect to mail server for downloading mails using there any possible way to recovery deleted email from client mechine...


According to your is possible to recover the deleted mail when main remains store in email server..

please tell me the procedure to recover that mail....for that need any configuration required on client machine and server itself....




Thanks for ur replay


Ur post



is very clear about i will try that solution...


Thanks for both of u....this forum is very good....




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The process works. I can attest to it.


Best advice is to be sure to make several copies of the .PST file your trying to corrupt then repair. Once you do that however most of the email I was looking for was found!!!


Also, I used the HEX editor built into Notepad++. Worked like a charm once I found a version of it that I could get the Hex Editor plugin to work in.


Good luck!

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Help please... has anything new come to light for "undeleting" emails accidentally deleted when have POP/STMP account?


What mail server are you using? Exchange, GMail? Or?

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