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Change default view in Google Docs?

Guest Jacques Cubbie
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Good question. I had the same issue. Really, all you have to do is make sure you're looking at your starred documents when you pin it to the taskbar. Personally, I use a bookmark but it's the same concept.

There's a separate URL for starred docs, it looks like this:


So go there and then create your bookmark/pinned app

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Guest Jacques Cubbie

That's a really good question.... Hmm.... Looking at the UI in Google Docs, on the left you can click the "STAR" to show you only your STAR documents/spreadsheets. Is that good enough or do you want to see the Star Docs + the others?

Here's what it looks like:

Google Docs Starred View

Good or no?


Taht is helpful I know how to do that but I want it so that when i open google docs it automatically shows starred documents without me having to click that

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Guest ileyFaith

Hey, I have been searching for the answer to this for awhile ( ok like 2days) and I finally figured it out. I tried the "Wait 5min" thing and it never worked for me. (I'm using chrome and the new look for google docs)

Here what I did:

go to home. Check the box at the top next to "Title" that selects everything. UNCHECK everything that you want to KEEP in your default view (i.e. everytime you open up google docs). This can be folders, files, whatever. Then at the top select "More", then select "Don't show in home".


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