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How do I block programs like Skype from installing browser extensions in Chrome and Firefox?

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I just installed the Skype desktop application and it installed a Chrome extension without even asking me if it could. That really ticks me off.

Is there anyway to block unscrupulous programs from installing plugins/extensions into your browser?

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I don't have an answer for ya. I just got hit with this when I installed SKYPE actually myself. I simply uninstalled it after the install. I required me to close Chrome however I didn't need to reboot.

So not a great "answer" but, anyway know I can relate with ya.

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Some programs on install allow you to pick-and-choose what features you want. Below was the sort of options I got when installing Firefox 4. While the Firefox setup gave me extremely limited choices, other program setups give you way more customization. Not sure what the Skype setup looks like now-a-days.

alt text

alt text

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