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  1. I've already looked into if tomato firmware is compatible, of which it is not. Still searching, will update if I find anything. I guess there is not much in ways of software for diagnosing networks at consumer grade because it's not practical at a consumer level.
  2. Was curious if anyone here knew of some decent network monitoring software, preferably free? Recently I've been getting a lot of delays when we watch movies through Roku, which is abnormal. There are a lot of devices that get connected to the network, but not all at the same time (several apple devices, printers, a couple of pcs, roku, etc.) I just wanted to find the root of the hold ups on the network, if it's coming from devices, our router, ISP, etc. There has got to be software that does this, just wondering if anyone has some good recommendations. Thanks!
  3. I tried using SolarWinds, but it's too complex for me to set up. I've still been looking around to no avail. Will update if I find something decent.
  4. Can we get an update on this for 2014? Anyone has any dithers since the new AC standard?
  5. Any to clarify what I meant about decent: essentially I don't want to have to worry about if the software is going to somehow share all my network information and get it hacked or something...
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    Antivirus software

    As far as testing, found an article on PC Mag, looks pretty thorough in my honest opinion. Not sure of the specific tests they ran, but they've included the results. I'd take everything you read there with a grain a salt, including the comments to the article. Personally, I've never spent a dime on antivirus software. I've always believed if you're smart in regards to your computer's safety, you'll do just fine. Make sure critical accounts and information of yours is protected by strong passwords. Don't visit questionable websites, download questionable files, or respond to questionable emails. Always be extra cautious if you're being asked for personal information. If you feel the need to actually spend money for antivirus software, then go ahead. If this is for a business of yours, or your information is worth millions of dollars, then it's probably worth investing in a strong antivirus. Typically for antivirus software what I've heard is you usually only want one on a machine for the simple fact that if you have anything over one, then the programs will conflict each other. In other words, one will think another is a virus. I guess you could always add exceptions so perhaps that doesn't happen, but then you also can run into them being resource hogs. I've never had any known problems with viruses of my 10 years with computers. I used to use a free version of Symantec distributed by my university. I currently use Microsoft Security Essentials just because its more user friendly.
  7. Much of what I thought, just needed confirmation. Thank you!
  8. After seeing the commercial for ChromeCast for the 10th time this week, my parents think that it might be worth paying $35 for it. I guess I'm not convinced just yet, being the skeptical person that I am. The TV they currently have has 2 HDMI ports. The have a Roku unit hooked to 1 of the HDMI ports, which they use primarily for Netflix and Pandora. The TV is not a smart TV. I guess the only reason why I think it would be worth their time throwing additional money at this is if they had free access to the internet, which it doesn't appear ChromeCast does. My parents don't use Hulu or GooglePlay. I don't know what Google Cast is or how it works specifically? Are their other devices like this that has access direct access to the internet? Because if so, you can connect to Youtube, Pandora, and Netflix via the internet anyways.
  9. Hey groovy folks, I have a wireless CODi mouse (model no. A05013) that doesn't work. The mouse powers on, when I turn it on, but when I plug it into any computer, it does not move the pointer. When I went to the device manager, it doesn't display any drivers associated to the mouse under "Mice and other pointing devices. Any help is appreciated. Thank you! -jshepp
  10. I've gone ahead given up on this mouse and have gotten a replacement.
  11. On all the computers, I was working on with one monitor. All 3 computers were different set ups. (1 is a Desktop PC, 1 is a Dell laptop, 1 is a HP laptop)
  12. Also, I've tried using this mouse on 3 different computers without any success.
  13. Can't find this reset button you're referring to. There is an On/Off switch, LMB/RMB, Scroll Wheel, and CPI button and Forward/Backward buttons the side.
  14. I received this mouse for work from my employer. The only thing I received was the mouse itself with it's little USB connector and the AAA battery.
  15. Hi! I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I purchased what I thought to be a full version of the Windows 8 Operating System from my university. It turns out it was only an upgrade version, and they're not letting me return it. The only solution I can think of is buying a full version of an older Windows OS and then just upgrading it to the Windows 8. Is this my best option? Other than just buying another full version? Would some place like eBay or Amazon be a decent place to look an older version or am I just asking for trouble? Thoughts/Suggestions/Ideas are appreciated. Thanks.
  16. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
  17. Couldn't you go into your Control Panel and shut off your microphone manually? Control Panel >> Sound >> Recording >> Right-click the device and then click disable. It isn't a permanent solution, but it should solve your problem. Btw, what kind of speakers did you get?
  18. Yeah, I didn't really want it to split one source into the L and the other to the R. Looks like a simple mixer is my best bet. Thanks for your help. I greatly appreciated it!
  19. I'm looking for a device that essentially takes 3.5 mm audio input from two devices (two males) and converts them into one 3.5 mm audio output (one female). I'm not even aware if such a device exists, but if it does, could someone please tell me what it is. Links are appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  20. The first link is kinda what I thought I needed, but I wasn't 100% certain. So it'll take two separate audio sources and merge them to one audio output?
  21. I use this laptop for my own personal use. Yeah it baffles me how it got there in the first place. I have no memory of installing it.
  22. I don't recall installing this program, but apparently I did so earlier this month. It caught my eye when I did a check of the processes running. I googled it but got a bunch a mumbo-jumbo about security and wireless networks. I assume that it was installed in some recent Windows update? Do I even need this process/program? Sometimes I wish there was an readable directory of processes out there...
  23. I'm not too knowledgeable about networking and routers. Pretty much all I know is how to set up a router to create a wireless network, and that's all I've been using it for currently. I like playing games online (most notably League of Legends), and living with a big family on an 'ok' internet connection just won't cut it. For example, I'll start playing a game, and then someone else will start watching Netflix, making my game virtually unplayable. A friend mentioned about using router firmware to create a stable ping. He didn't really know much on the topic, but it sparked my curiosity. Is this even possible? And if so, will it have any negative effects to other users on the network. (Essentially, can I play my game on a playable ping without being an internet hog?) League of Legends Support led me to something about QoS, but as I read further into the article it seems it's about prioritizing bandwidth? (Again, I don't want to be an internet hog) Any insight into this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!