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  1. I don't own one but I do believe that's what it does. However, I think it puts one source into L channel and the other into R. So if you hook it up to a stereo speaker set, you will get all of one source out of one channel and all of the other source out of the other. I don't know if that's what you were hoping for. You could always get a stereo to monitor adapter as well.
  2. yo dawg, sounds like you want one of these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0016LDZ36/ref=as_li_ss_til?tag=uncbwibl-20&camp=0&creative=0&linkCode=as4&creativeASIN=B0016LDZ36&adid=1NVKXM2H9RTB8W6J8JY7& or one of these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000067RC4/ref=as_li_ss_til?tag=uncbwibl-20&camp=0&creative=0&linkCode=as4&creativeASIN=B000067RC4&adid=0STEXK0ACMC148FJ8SQV& For something more complex, this would also work, but all the jacks are 1/4 inch. So you'd need adapters Behringer MICROMIX MX400 4-Channel Mixer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000KGYAYQ/ref=as_li_ss_til?tag=uncbwibl-20&camp=0&creative=0&linkCode=as4&creativeASIN=B000KGYAYQ&adid=0G680D67T88BE0H139D7&
  3. I could probably hack groovyBox.exe to create a photos.xml that has all of the public URLs for the photos in it. Then, make a wordpress plugin that fetches that XML and parses it into a gallery. ... But I am already in my pajamas...
  4. Have you seen this? http://fuz.li/ I've never tried it. But it's the closest thing I've seen. This:http://wiki.dropbox.com/DropboxAddons/TheDropboxPlugin Might be a good lead too. I think if I had a weekend to fiddle around, I could hack one of these into what you're looking for.
  5. I'm pretty sure that this is against the software license. You should buy a retail version of OS X Lion for your other Macbook, since the version you got with your wife's computer is only intended for that computer. The disc is paired with that machine and will only be installed on that machine. That being said, if you wanted to create a backup of a clean installation (say in case your wife's hard drive dies) you could plug a USB drive into your wife's computer and then boot up her macbook with the install disc inserted while holding C. Then, install OS X to the attached USB drive. If it's a new hard drive, you may need to run DISK UTILITY and erase it and format it as a Mac OS extended Journaled disk. Once installed, you can boot this hard drive on any mac. This is pretty handy for recovery purposes, say, if your wife's macbook gets beaned in the screen, you can pull out the hard drive and slide it into your old macbook internally or attach it via usb and then boot it. To boot from a drive other than the main one, hold OPTION while your macbook boots. But again, you shouldn't do this just to avoid paying for the operating system. No one's going to catch you, it's just unethical, I think.
  6. No. Splenda and other artificial sweeteners will dissolve into room temperature / cold water just fine. No need to make a syrup. But they give my wife headaches. And will probably give you cancer in the long run.
  7. well, this question has NOTHING to do with computers, but I'll take a crack at it: When you are adding sugar to tea / coffee / anything, you are attempting to create a SOLUTION. So, what's at issue here is the SOLUBILITY of the sugar. The solubility of sugar increases with higher temperatures. Why? I'm not really sure. But remember: heat is energy. So, when you look at a substance under a microscope, you see these little molecules. When a substance is cold, these molecules are relatively still. But when they are hot, they start jiggling around like crazy, cuz they are full of energy. So, the goal of stirring sugar into coffee is to get your sugar molecules in between the water molecules. Kind of like trying to sift flour. If you just plunk the flour into a sifter, then some of it will go thru, but not all of it. You have to shake the sifter to get the rest thru. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, that when your water is hot, it's like it's being stirred on a microscopic level. Which is why it mixes in better. Also, this is why it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to mix sugar into ICE COLD tea. That's why to sweeten iced drinks, you should use a simple syrup (this is what they do at Starbucks). To make simple syrup, add one cup of sugar to one cup of water (or any amount, just maintain the 1 to 1 ratio) and bring to a boil. Wait for the sugar to dissolve and then let it cool. Stick it in a bottle, something like a clear ketchup bottle and stick it in the fridge. ... ... Got any tech questions?
  8. First off, iWeb sucks. The way it generates webpages is completely awful and that's why you're having trouble. Instead of creating straight-up HTML, it uses a twisted labyrinth of javascript widgets and XML files. So, essentially, the entire page is built dynamically using client-side scripts. If you ever wanted your page to show up nicely in search engines, fuggedaboutit. You're better off making your page entirely in flash. So, the navbar and the photo's page both work by pulling data from an XML file. If your page can't get this XML file, then it just fails. I think that's what's happening here. The fact that it also doesn't work on your local folder indicates to me that your file permissions are wonked up. So, try this for me first: Go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility. Select your hard drive and click Repair Disk Permissions. See if that helps. If it does, then that's good. Try re-uploading. If it doesn't, try changing the file permissions on your web server. You can do this through an FTP program or your web host's file manager. They are probably all set to 0644 right now. Set it to 0755. Do this for feed.xml and rss.xml (in your photos folder, I believe). If that STILL doesn't work, go to the root of your website (www or public_html) and look for a file called .htaccess Open it up in a text editor. Add these lines: <Files feed.xml> Order allow,deny Allow from all Satisfy All</Files><Files rss.xml> Order allow,deny Allow from all Satisfy All</Files> Try again. if that doesn't work, send me the url to your site and a $5 papa john's coupon and I'll fix it for you.
  9. Nice breakdown - I think you meatn to say that SEO was LEGAL. Since I dont' think you can be prosecuted in a criminal court or sued for SEo, right? The worst thing that will happen is that google will blacklist, which is the OPPOSITE goal of SEO.
  10. To anyone who will inevitably be invited to test the Google Music beta tomorrow: how did you get one? What's special about you? Did you sign up somewhere? Did you get an email invite for Google Music? I wanna know! For the rest of us, here's the link to request an invite from Google: http://music.google.com/music/ UPDATE 8/30/2011 - MrGroove just created a new Google Music Donation Post so if you still need an invite, go there and follow the 4 steps.
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