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How-To Improve iTunes performance on my PC

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Hey I recently got a new iPod for a present during the holidays, and so I reinstalled iTunes after not having it for a while. It works and gets my songs onto my ipod, but there's a few things about it that bug the heck outta me. The first is that it run soooooo slow on my PC. My friend has iTunes as well and his computer isn't even close to as fast as mine and its running faster.


There's a bunch of other things about iTunes that really bugs me, there's the whole 'Sync' thing, it takes forever and isn't needed at all. Then there's the fact that I can't hook up my old iPod and download the same songs onto it, because it doesn't have permission, that bugs me.


Is there a way to fix iTunes or is there another way to manage your iPod without it?



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Where is your iTunes Library Stored? On a Windows XP Default iTunes Install (I think the same for Vista) the default is


\my documents\my music\itunes




1) Make sure you don't have any compression enabled on that folder and sub files

2) Try to defrag your Hard drive - Try THIS ARTICLE for details on running defrag on Vista or XP.

3) Where is the Music? Network share? External Hard Drive (USB??) or? You might have some performance bottlenecks there. Try to defrag this drive also.

4) Might want to watch your Anti-Virus statistics. iTunes shouldn't be going crazy with reading/writing files which would trigger your AV client.

5) Tune your AV client if needed. Personally, I tune AV to disable READ on-access scanning and only leave WRITE scanning enabled.


Keep us updated!

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I decided to just forget about iTunes and downloaded Songbird instead, works waay faster and doesn't have to use stupid file Sync to transfer everything. Also doesn't try to copy protect everything way overboard like itunes does.




Never heard of Songbird. Will have to play with it and test it out.


MRGROOVE - Sounds like a new Groovy Article you need to write!

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Went ahead and tested out Songbird, I have to say I really like it and it runs great.


Problem is that it doesn't support iPod Touch or the iPhone. Apple still has a tight leash on those so you're stuck with iTunes (unless you jailbreak it) for the time being. And unfortunately I don't have anything except for what isn't supported...

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