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Need flashplayer to upgrade my mobile phone

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Hi i need to upgrade my SE mobile and it needs the flash player. I downloaded the player from Adobe the 10 version. It does not work. I went on a hunting trip trouble-shooting and tried several tips and still not getting it. :evil: Frustration!!!!

The last resort is to download the SubInACL tool into the C:\ Windows Resource Kits\Tools and to download the reset_fp10.cmd file to the same folder. I got the SubInACL download but can not find the reset file to download. :?: Any ideas where i can get it to download

Note: i have done all the settings in IE as prescribed by Adobe. To be honest i do not believe that the above solution will work as many people are complaining that they have tried and it is not successful.

Please Mr.Groove and guys help i need this flash player . Sony Ericsson ............no comment! :x

Thank you.

This is the link to the Adobe self service i used

http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewCon ... d=tn_19166

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Sorry Bro....


Don't have an Sony Ericsson Phone. So the question is, why do you? I mean, the iPHONE has been out for over a year :)


Sorry, had to get that out. I just love it BUT I know not everyone loves att (especially now that they just axed 12,000 jobs).


Anyway - I did a little online GOOGLE action and found this link: http://www.nirmaltv.com/2007/06/09/how- ... son-phone/


I'm sure you already have the link and probably read it a few times. But if not, hope it helps. I just cant get over you need FLASH in order to install the last software on the Ericsson??? Freaky.


Not sure where MrGroovy is. He seems to be AWOL the last few days. No articles either.



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Hey Carl,


Like shockersh said, Mrgroove is infact out of town for the week on vacation, (even us geeks need to have fun that doesn't involve sitting in front of a screen :D )


  • Let's see if we can solve this problem before he gets back!


First off try this, it is a stand-alone installer for Flash10, just download it, close IE and install.


http://www.softwarepatch.com/network-se ... urity.html


If that doesn't work:


Do you have anti-virus running? Norton Anti-Virus is notorious for keeping flash from installing.

Is Java enabled? Sometimes it won't install if you don't have Java allowed.

Do you have Shockwave player installed? If you have an old version of shockwave installed, sometimes this can prevent a new Flash install, try uninstalling Shockwave or any flash applications you have before installing flash 10.


If none of this works, it is probably something you have running in the background like a pop-up blocker.


Let me know!

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Hi Groovycrew

I will immediately try it. I have Java enabled. I use McAfee and not Norton. I have also adjusted the active x controls as was directed by the Adobe self help team. When i install the player it says installation completed and i can see the program under my computer in the add-remove program tree. Yet it does not appear in the all programs start window.

I am now going to uninstall again and try your link. Will keep you posted thanks.

Hope Mr Groove enjoy the holiday, damn i need one to.. :mrgreen: envy....

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  • 2 weeks later...

This flash player thing has caught up with me again. The stand alone flash player link worked when i did my phone upgrade but now i keep on getting messages from Firefox to install missing plugins when i want to view You Tube etc. I tried the link again after uninstalling but it does not work. Any advice please Mr. Groove? :oops:

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