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  1. Has anybody tried to uninstall this! No way. I used REVO and also Spybot's Shredder to no avail. I have used this defragger and never really understood what I was doing. I lost an external drive not knowing that OO was defragging it. I just want to get rid of it as i am not technical or geeky enough to utilize it properly . I am sure i have caused more damage to my HD than what i am aware of . I also want these annoying advertisements to stop that i keep on receiving in my e-mail from OO . Please help.
  2. Hi Mr. GrooveI have picked up some malware and the guy who cleaned it says i got it through Adobe. He suggested i try a different PDF reader and uninstall Adobe Acrobat reader. I use the Revo to uninstall and installed Flipping PDF reader. It is great and uses very little resource in comparison to Adobe. Cheers
  3. Here is the spec: It uses a SATA II interface
  4. I think it is a SATA. The external drive as its own power adapter.. It is a standalone devise. Plug and play. I have not connected it to another computer..(in the bush in West Africa)...only have my laptop here.
  5. Any body..does this work or are there better alternatives I am asking in relation to my earlier CRISIS post..
  6. I used Recuva to try and recover the User Manual (Pdf) that comes with the drive and that can not be done now Please help
  7. I use "BlockSite" (Add on) for FireFox. Works well for me
  8. Model: LG External HDD HXG1 1TB Properties: Can not get it from "My Computer" just hangs when clicking it. I use this to store all my photos etc. I have some very important docs that i backed up and occasionally access. I tried to access a PDF doc today and got an error massage I then immediately realized something is wrong and tried to access some photos. I got them open in PICASA but not when I try to open them with Microsoft Picture Manager. I get the following error message Questions: 1) I need to retrieve all documents /backups/photos from this device back to my computer. 2) I know i can use Recuva software to get all the photos but the documents are my problem as well as the back up. 3)Can this be resolved/technically/i am proficient with screw drivers/hammers/and rocks! 4)If i can get all the data back can reformatting of the HD repair it. 5) If it is a throw away whet HDD is recommended. Thank you. C
  9. Hey Beyond Life. Thanks for the comments. I am busy sorting the ext, HDD and had move most of all my pictures there. My camera has a specific way of dating all my pictures and automatically store it in a folder. That makes it a lot easier. I just have to now move all the "loose" pictures from earlier years into folders dated the same. Right by the way i found this software for sorting out duplicate pictures ( I had 11000!) I really worked well and it has a backup feature for deleted files in case you made mistakes and want to retrieve the files. By the way which version of Picasa do you use? Cheers
  10. Hi Mr. Groove and all others familiar with Picasa. I have used Picasa before... the 2. something version but a lack of understanding and insistent duplicating of pictures drove me crazy. I then deleted it swearing never to use it again. I just read your article on Picasa and Gmail security. I am essentially paranoid about any of our pictures on the net (TO MANY SICKO"S OUT THERE LOOKING UP KIDS) so have always steered cleared of Facebook and the likes and will decline using web based albums. I decided to give PICASA 3 a go again as i had so many duplicate pictures etc on my HD and recently got me a new External HD. I need to sort and get rid of duplicates ETC. I created a "Picture folder" in my external HD. I then did a WINDOWS EXPLORER search for all pictures in all drives, copied all and place it in my newly created "Picture Folder". I sorted the lot and created dated folders etc. Then i installed PICASA and MAHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Old memories rushed in. keep on updating/creating duplicate folders never stopping. Went on the net for advice..had to uninstall making sure that my internet connection is off?? I never had it on!. Blah blah it just went on and on... man i am just to busy to read and to make sense of all of that BLAH BLAH... so asking is there not a simple Groovy type tutorial out there You getting the HINT.... SIR's MR GROOVE , DEXTER, Shockresh Any ways the end of it is that 3 GIG worth of pictures disappeared from my external drive (YES I DID BACK IT UP WITH THE PICASA BACK UP TOOL) (That by the way caused Picasa to also make duplicate folders!) I got very scared then and decided to do a System Restore to a earlier date.. still no pictures in my folders! Did System Restore back to current date .. still no pictures in my folders. I downloaded RECUVA Same guys that made CCleaner here is the link... and Hey Presto find all the pictures in my External drive stating it was not deleted but recoverable! The path was never completed...? Ok now i am still sitting with a huge amount of images..uninstalled Picasa using REVO UNINSTALLER but it still have little data files in every image folder. Did a W.E. search for .Picasa and found thousands. Deleted the lot. Please anybody have a tutorial on Picasa for us.... not so nimble two finger tap computer users ? It will help so much. Thanks for taking the time to read my rant.
  11. The way to do it has been described in Groovy Tips before just found it this morning
  12. I have been asked how one can remove the "irritating" "Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device" message that comes with e-mail sent from a BlackBerry. Any one knows
  13. Carl

    Handy ruler Gadget

    dont work for me either. Great Gadget tho Carl! Yes i must admit that i sometimes get the same...i have clicked the help thing and there is this very to geeky explanation for me as to what a flength file is.. i personally think it is on their side..the way i sometimes get it right is two ways1) I ran C cleaner to delete all cookies. 2) I do not use the favorites or history to load the page ..i enter ''" and most of the times it is ok then. I am continuously searching for up-loaders that take files. In any case here is the link where you can download the jruler for free
  14. Carl

    Handy ruler Gadget

    For some time now. Working in Africa with dial up's and slow speed made one look at alternative ways to get large files across to my partners. Lots of up loaders but a lot of them links you to stupid sites and popups. FS so far had not given me that problem. You guys there will have great benifit as your speed is so fast.